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The Hercules XPS 2.0 10 is a high-quality 2 piece multimedia speaker set that comes in a stylish design.

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voices come through well, lots of detail in spoken words

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good value for a very low price

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enough volume output to be heard in the next room if you need to

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small footprint, take up almost no space at all

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nice look overall, pedestals give it a half-modern half-retro feel

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can't be turned all the way up, noticeable popping and cracking

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connect with two RCA connectors, not always available on every PC

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not much bass support, drops right off

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The Hercules XPS 2.0 10 is a high-quality 2 piece multimedia speaker set that comes in a stylish design. They are rectangular shaped speakers that are meant for use on flat surfaces (and not to be mounted on walls).

The XPS 2.0 10 speakers come with a headphone connector and a microphone input on the right, for an easy access at all times. The speaker system on this unit works to reproduce an acoustic wave from an electrical signal. This unit also comes with a dome shaped driver for an enhanced sound distribution, as well as a headphone plug with a 3.5mm jack connector, allowing you to connect your headphones when you do not want to disturb anyone around you. This system is also a 2.0 / stereo, meaning it transmits sound over two channels.
This model is closely related to the Hercules XPS 2.0 10 Black Edition, which is more or less the same model, except it comes with a stylish black finish and comes VoIP ready.

  • 2-piece multimedia speakers
  • stylish design
  • rectangular in shape (5cm x 9cm)
  • for flat surfaces (not wall mountable)
  • headphone connector and microphone input
  • volume control knob
  • dome shaped driver
  • 2.0 / stereo speaker
  • 2.5W magnetically shielded satellite speakers
  • 1.8m cable (included) to connect to media source
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