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The Head Jimi 110s are a twintip, deep snow pair of skis from Head's big mountain line.

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Excellent option for heavy powder applications - incorporates HEAD construction technologies for optimal flotation

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Handling is smooth and responsive - skis glide effortlessly over terrain irregularities showcasing true engineering power

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Incorporates benefits of wide skis without sacrificing handling - maintains tight maneuverability with considerable emphasis on balance and stability

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Sidewall engineering offers breakneck turning - promotes safety when skiing down slopes of varying terrain, especially when turning

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Developed in conjunction with Canadian skier James Heim - very appealing to Big Mountain fans and cliff jumpers

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Logically combines modern technologies - incorporates sharp rocker tip with simple, stable tail design for maximum stability

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Sweet spot is relatively small - not recommended for inexperienced users still learning how to balance properly

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The Head Jimi 110s are a twintip, deep snow pair of skis from Head's big mountain line. It has a 110mm waist and a powder pedal which allows the Jimi to ride high, even when the powder is extremely deep. It comes in three different choices of length: 171, 181, 191. At the 181 size it has a radius of 32.0 and a sidecut of 130/110/120. The construction is a sandwich twintip and it offers an Alaska-proven rocker shape. The base is a highly transparent UHM base and the Head Jimi 110 comes with extra durable ABS sidewalls for better maneuverability and tighter turns. The bindings used are the HEAD Mojo 15 multicolor. The Head Jimi 110 comes in one color, black.

  • Recommended Terrain: Deepsnow
  • Length: 171 / 181/ 191
  • Radius 32.0 @ 181
  • Sidecut: 130/110/120 @ 181
  • Black color
  • Sandwich twintip Construction
  • Extra durable ABS sidewalls
  • Highly transparent UHM base
  • Alaska-proven shape
  • Rocker Shape
  • Bindings: HEAD Mojo 15 (multicolor)
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