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The Head Raptor Project RS is a high-end set of ski boots.

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snug & secure fit, anatomical design and excellent liner

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well built, everything feels properly assembled and secure

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versatile design makes it an appropriate boot for all kinds of surfaces and styles

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upright and forward stance keeps your weight forward where it belongs

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buckles are easy to work with with gloved hands

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great response to the wearer's movements, reacts with you

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many ways to adjust it to the shape of your foot and ankle

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lots of flex in the boot, moves with you

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The Head Raptor Project RS is a high-end set of ski boots. These boots are for skiers that are at a professional level, and are ready to go fast. The footbed of this boot is an anatomical sport frame footbed, which aims to provide a comfortable run even when you are tricking. The HeatFit Pro liner of the Raptor Project RS conforms to your foot for a snug fit. The shock bumper of this boot will help to absorb the impact of landings. This ski boot differs from the lower cost Head Edge+ in that it is for professional skiers as opposed to medium level skiers, has a PU (PolyUrethane) shell instead of a SuperLight shell, has four micro-adjustable Racing Alloy buckles instead of three, and has the Racing Flex adjustment with rubber inserts. However, this boot lacks the higher cost Vector Pro's expert capability, triple-injection frame (which offers more reinforcement), and flex stance tuning (which allows a natural feel for a variety of stances). The Head Raptor Project RS comes in a white color.

  • Piste/off-piste terrain
  • 115/105 flex index
  • Sizes: 230, 240, 250, 255, 260, 265, 270, 275, 280, 285, 290, 295, 300, 305
  • Color: White
  • Last: RS 1800cc/98
  • PU shell
  • Fast speed
  • HeatFit Pro
  • Anatomical Sport Frame Footbed
  • 40mm Velcro Strap
  • 4 micro-adjustable Racing Alloy buckles
  • Racing Flex Adjustment w/ rubber inserts
  • Double canting
  • Shock bumper
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