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The Nerf Magstrike is the quickest firing Nerf weapon to date.

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Clip system allows it to fire up to 10 darts in rapid succession.

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Darts can launch up to 40 feet with maximum air pressure.

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Included vest adds a scoring system for making competitive play more interesting.

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Firing less than the entire clip at once causes the clip to fall down into the gun under its own weight.

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Often won't shoot all the darts even with plenty of pumping.

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Not very accurate at all, especially outdoors.

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Finding and reloading darts is a pain--5 minutes of prep for a few seconds of fun.

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The Nerf Magstrike is the quickest firing Nerf weapon to date.  This air-powered blaster comes with two quick loading 10-shot clips along with 20 micro darts, scoring vest and the super cool Vision Gear eyewear.  With the ability to fire it's 10 round foam dart clip in seconds, the Magstrike is the ultimate weapon for use in a game of Nerf Dart tag, and is guaranteed to make anyone a lethal force from a fury of foam.

Post Review
02/05/2007 08:07

Your never to old to shoot somebody with a foam dart.

02/05/2007 10:57

Personally, I'm still waiting for the Nerf Crotchbat, but this is pretty cool. Check out the commercial, it's pretty well done.

Special K
02/05/2007 10:51

The Nerf Magstrike sounds KINDA cool...then you watch the commercial and realize whoa...... is this a Nerf commercial, or the Matrix 4??? If Neo was ever in a game of Nerf Dart tag THIS is the weapon he would choose!! "Whooa... I know Kung-Fu!..and I LOVE Nerf"

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