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Ponies can be a lot of hard work; feeding them, cleaning them, making sure they're cared for.

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Clear, comprehensive construction manual makes assembly a little easier.

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Can support up to 80lbs of weight.

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Lifelike movements and sounds including neighing and carrot crunching.

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No built in battery and charger

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My kids will love this

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Its 'fur' comes off pretty easily.

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A better system needs to be developed for the on/off switch as it's buried beneath a Velcro seam on the belly.

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Its voice reaction ability is a little off as it has trouble looking the right way.

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A fairly visible neck seam and loud motor movement tend to spoil the illusion somewhat.

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Ponies can be a lot of hard work; feeding them, cleaning them, making sure they're cared for. But plush ponies don't need much work at all; make sure their batteries are charged. It's a nice way to finally say "Yes" next time your kid asks for a pony! Butterscotch can move her eyes, ears, head and tail. She whinnies, snorts and will even sniff you. Be warned, however, she doesn't actually walk anywhere. You can take her for a "walk" while she makes walking sounds, but you'll just be sitting there. For kids only: 80 pound maximum.

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11/24/2012 09:31


06/24/2011 10:50

deze paard is veel te duur!!!

01/08/2007 10:41

Wow, how disappointing. Especially after you had searched for so long! Has anyone contacted the manufacturer? Maybe there's a recall because it seems a lot of these are defective!

01/08/2007 08:59

Well i am quite dissapointed 2 days after setting this pony up it developed a fault it didnt do the riding sounds and it it's head just swung from side to side like it was being attacked by bee's lol so i have returned it and wont be buying another one, hope the next generation of these toys will be usuable for longer than the 12 days of christmas

01/02/2007 02:55

Well with all the things i bought my daughter i am pleased to say that she didnt notice that she didnt get the butterscotch pony, i carried on looking and found a very cheap one on a famous auction site i purchased it and it arrived last week(after christmas) so we said santa had left her a late present for being so good over christmas and sharing her sweets with her sisters, she loves it more than anything and just watching her pleasure made our christmas and new year all the better :D

12/26/2006 12:48

We did get one of the ponies for our 3 year old daughter and she loves it!! As for the one in Target breaking all of the time I'm sure it had something to do with all of the kids pulling and handling it ruff. They told us that the reason they took it off the shelf was because they needed more room to display the other toys and that they didn't have any more in stock. It was great seeing our little ones face light up!!

12/26/2006 11:14

SERIOUSLY a HUGE disappointment... we went out of our way to make sure that the girls had this thing for christmas! Alright well.. not that long and the thing freaked... they really didn't do anything cause I thought it was so cute so I was watching... Now all it does is hold its head to the right and nay NONE STOP!! OMG My girls have cried and cried over the stupid thing breaking... we are taking it back and NOT getting another one... several people I have talked to have had the same problem... DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Wait until the maker fixes this major defect in this item!!!!

12/19/2006 06:02

We have a bunch of themin stock at our targets here in las vegas, the only problem i see is that they keep having to pull the demo down because it breaks all the time. I've talked to the store manager and i guess tey've had alot of problems with the horses freezing up and not working right or just plain old shutting down. I was going to get one for my 2 y/o son whos utterly inlove with the thing but i dont want to run the risk of the damn thing breaking after i shell out 250 for it

12/15/2006 06:50

I know how this lady feels i am now a single mum of 3 girls, my youngest 2 and 1/2 really wants this pony but it well out of reach for me, over here in the uk it is costing approx $588/£299 plus postage, i am gutted i cant get this for her, and she is too young to understand that santa cant bring it for her, i am at a loss as what to do, i have bought her the barbie tawny horse that walks but somehow this doesnt cut it what do i tell her christmas morning as obviously she wont be able to sit on this one.I am just hopeing she'll forget about the pony when she sees the walking tawny, why cant the manufacturers of these toys think about the not so well off parents and the children who will be let down this christmas, instead of the huge profits that they want to make.

12/06/2006 10:01

Just a small note to say that i got the pony for my daughter for xmas. I'm living in ireland and i am sick to say that is has cost me 449 euro which is the equivilant of 550 dollars. So i am honestly sick at the thought of the price i could by it for in the states. Having said that i totally understand how that woman feels, its hard not to get what the little girl wants especially at xmas time. Read out a fictional letter that came in the post to her from santa regarding the shortage of them and the necessity to supply the few he has to sick children but that he would bring her an extra special surprise instead. IE another toy that talks and moves maybe. FURBY. She'll love it. Merry x-mas

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