As a part of the original Joe line up, Snake Eyes is one of the most popular GI Joe characters ever created.

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As a part of the original Joe line up, Snake Eyes is one of the most popular GI Joe characters ever created.  Snake Eyes was trained by the same clan as Storm Shadow who became his arch nemesis whenever Storm Shadow decided to side with the Cobras.  Unlike Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes was always loyal to the Joes.  Snake Eyes had his face disfigured and vocal chords destroyed in a combat-related accident, so he never spoke and always wears a full face shield. His real name remains classified and not much is known of his origins, except that his parents were killed in a car accident, by the brother of the man who would become Cobra Commander. Snake Eyes usually wears an all black military-ninja suit (as a nice contrast to Storm Shadow's all white), with some exceptions in later releases.  Trained as a classical Ninja Master, Snake Eyes main weapon is the Ninjato, but is not hesitant to use other weapons, such as machine guns.

The orignal  Snake Eyes was release in 1982 (v1) as a Commando, and came with a black uzi and pack of explosives.  A similar model was released in 1983 (v1.5) which featured a "swivel arm".  The most popular and most recognized Snake Eyes is the 1985(v2) release, which comes with his an uzi, backpack, black sword and his faithful wolf "Timber".  This figure, as well as the 1984 Storm Shadow, are arguably the most desired by collectors everywhere.  The 1989 (v3) Snake Eyes is also a popular release, which came with a sub-machine gun, long sword, nunchuks, blow gun and  black backpack.  The 1991 (v4) Snake Eyes wore bright blue and came with 2 bright red swords, submachine gun and grappling hook with a blue back-pack in an attempt make GI Joe less violent, as was the trend at this point in time.  This version however was used to make the 12" release in 1991, but this version was given more realistic coloured grey sword, black gun and knife, dog tags and black back pack.  All in all, there are 27 versions of the 3.75" Snake Eyes.

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Special K
02/02/2007 12:55

I have v1, v3, v4 and the 12" Snake Eyes and a re-release of the v2 that i got with the GI Joe Movie (i also own the entire cartoon series on 15 DVDs). Snake Eyes is my favorite GI Joe and the classic black vs. white battle he has with my favorite Cobra, Storm Shadow, makes the both of these ninjas that much better. I still regret never owning the original v2 with "Timber", but remain a true Snake Eyes fan either way. How much cooler does it get than an all black ninja, with a pet wolf, who is a master swordsman but isn't afraid to pummel you with bullets?? Maybe an all white ninja, using only swords and a bow, fighting for "The Enemy"'s a toss-up in my opinion.

02/02/2007 12:54


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