Yahtzee is a classic chance-based board game originally developed by Edwin S.

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Yahtzee is a classic chance-based board game originally developed by Edwin S. Lowe, eventually sold to Milton Bradley and currently owned by the Hasbro company. It can be played alone, or with two or more players. The primary object of the game is to simultaneously roll five dice and achieve the highest possible score. Typically there are 13 rounds per game, with each player having a maximum of three rolls to achieve the highest possible score. While certain outcomes such as Three-Of-A-Kind, Four-Of-A-Kind and Chance provide the player with a score that is only equal to the sum of the displayed dice values, there are a number of specialty rolls that provide fixed higher-scoring point values. These include a Full House (a Three-Of-A-Kind and a pair) at 25 points, a Small Straight (four sequential dice) at 30 points, a Large Straight (five sequential dice) at 40 points and a Yahztee (five of a kind) at 50 points for the first time. If a player rolls more than one Yahtzee in a single game, they are given a bonus chip that is worth an additional 100 points. Scoring combination rules are determined by the players before the start of a game, and are commonly altered before the start of each subsequent game. The game is available in many physical and digital formats including handheld and travel-sized versions, vintage and deluxe versions, commercially-themed versions including Toy Story, National Parks and Super Mario editions, card-deck versions, video games on all major consoles, Apple iOS and more.

  • Classic board game
  • Suitable for 1, 2 or more players ages 8 and up
  • Vintage and deluxe editions available
  • Handheld and travel-sized editions available
  • Video game console and Apple iOS app editions available
  • Card-based editions available
  • Altered-rules editions available including Yahtzee Free For All, Triple Yahztee and Yahtzee Poker
  • Commercial editions available including Toy Story, National Parks, Super Mario, Holiday and M&M's
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