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Designed for 4 to 15 (5 or 6 recommended) players of any age, and is designed to last approximately 45 minutes.

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aimed at adults, but good for all ages - a good family game

2 agree

widespread appeal - just about everyone can be good at it

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lots of replayability - increased difficulty with larger numbers

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4 to 15 people can play

1 agrees

good icebreaker game

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  • Only 3 words are allowed.

the game encourages players playing for laughs instead of points

3 agree

mileage may vary depending on the group playing the game

2 agree

can be slow - takes a while for each round to progress, especially with larger groups

2 agree

will eventually run out of sheets - players will need to acquire more

1 agrees

half-baked idea - doesn't really work a lot of the time

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  • Only 3 words are allowed.


Things. is a family/party board game designed for 4 to 15 (5 or 6 recommended) players of any age, and is designed to last approximately 45 minutes. Each round features a reader who reads aloud a Topic Card, such as “Things… you can never find.” All other players then write an answer, and then the reader reads them aloud twice. The player immediately to the reader’s left must then guess. Every correct answer means the person matched is eliminated, while the guesser gets to continue guessing. When she gets a guess wrong, the person to the left of her resumes the guessing. This continues until only one player remains. As for scoring, 1 point for each correct guess, and 6 points for the remaining player. The game continues until everyone has been a reader. Though some questions are a bit objectionable (“Things you shouldn't do when you're naked"), critics say the game is overall fairly friendly to everybody.

  • Family/Party Board Game
  • Accommodates 4 to 15 Players
  • Recommended 5 or 6 Players
  • Any Age Person Can Play
  • Hundreds of Topic Cards
  • One Round per Player
  • Guessing
  • Multiple Point Earning Options
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