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Pictionary is a classic visual word-based game first released in 1985 by Seattle Games Inc.

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can be as long as an hour or you can accelerate game play for a quicker game

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fun to play on a regular basis, don't get bored of it

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encourages creativity and social interaction

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age doesn't matter too much, nobody has an unfair advantage

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fun for the whole family, no real "adult" content

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  • Only 3 words are allowed.

some more modern versions have clues that include letters, like "Windows XP"

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some words seem overly simple, others overly difficult

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  • Only 3 words are allowed.


Pictionary is a classic visual word-based game first released in 1985 by Seattle Games Inc. and currently owned by Hasbro and Parker Brothers. Designed for multiple teams of 2 players ages 12 and up, the game is based around the concept of sketching objects, actions and creatures of varying difficulties for an unknowing teammate to correctly guess. Game spaces are color-coded and can be related to one of six different categories including "Person/Place/Animal", "Object", "Action", "Difficult", "All Play" and a purple wild card-style space. Once the six-sided die is rolled and a category is decided upon, players have one minute (governed by a sand timer) to designate a sketch-person, and have the other teammate provide a successful guess as to what was drawn. Drawing and guessing duties alternate with each turn, and dice rolls are not taken until a task is completed successfully. The All Play category can interrupt the existing order of turns in a game in that all teams are included, with the winning team taking the next turn regardless of which team was the last to go. The wild-card space allows a team to choose which category they would like to work within, as each separate game card includes a task specific to all five of the other categories. The game is won when a team is able to traverse the entire board and be the first ones to each the home space, which is usually but not always the team with the most correct guesses. 

  • Classic board game
  • Suitable for multiple teams of 2 ages 12 and up
  • Includes 4 pencil-shaped game pieces
  • Includes 4 sketch pencils and pads
  • Includes a full category card deck
  • Includes both a standard and "Challenge" die
  • Junior edition available for younger players
  • Anniversary and party editions available
  • Electronic Pictionary Man edition available
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