Partini is an adult party-style party game from Hasbro and Parker Brothers.

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Partini is an adult party-style party game from Hasbro and Parker Brothers that offers a more mature alternative to board games like Cranium and Ludo. Suitable for multiple teams of two players each ages 18 and up, the game revolves around six different types of activities that are printed on drink coasters and distributed upon successful completion throughout the game. Activity categories include "Straight Up", where players write down a truthful or humorous fact about their teammate, "Bouncers", a beer pong-style game where players draw cards and must bounce balls into cups in a certain way, "Mime Twist", a charades-style game, "What Not", a game where teammates must get each other to guess a word or phrase by telling them what it is not, "Hum Punch", where teammates must hum and guess a given song to each other, and "Clay Smoothie", a game where players must sculpt a given object that their teammate will guess on. There are 35 coasters in all, which are shuffled prior to gameplay and handed out at random on a given turn. The game ends when all coasters have been won, and the team with the most coasters is proclaimed the winner. 

  • Suitable for multiple teams of 2 ages 18 and up
  • Adult party-style game
  • Similar to Cranium and Ludo
  • Includes 35 activity coasters
  • Includes 500 activity cards for Bouncers, Mime Twist, What Not, Hum Punch and Clay Smoothie games
  • Includes 5 plastic cups and 2 plastic balls for Bouncers game
  • Includes 1 die, 4 pencils and writing pads for Straight Up game
  • Includes modelling clay for Clay Smoothie game
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