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Each player has their own debit card, and the banker now has an electronic swiper to credit and debit your card.

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Plays faster than original Monopoly

12 agree

Uses debit card instead of cash

10 agree

New, more relevant landmarks

6 agree

Modern gamepieces

5 agree

Larger money amounts to make you feel richer

4 agree
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Loses some of the nostalgia of Monopoly

7 agree

No more "Monopoly money"

5 agree

Debit Cards a hassel when you have to pay each player $50 for being "elected chairman of the board."

4 agree

Mr. Monopoly looks weird

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The Electronic Banking Edition of Monopoly forgoes the original green, orange, pink and yellow money in favor of the more modern plastic debit card. Each player has their own debit card, and the banker now has an electronic swiper to credit and debit your card. The jury is still out on whether this makes it easier or harder for the banker to cheat. Other updates include: modernized tokens, newer, more relevant landmarks, and higher property values so the sums are more in the millions (versus thousands) range. For example, Boardwalk for $400 is replaced with Times Square selling for a cool $20 million.

Game Includes:

  • 6 tokens: flat screen TV, dog in a handbag, Segway personal transporter, Altoids tin, space shuttle and baseball cap
  • Title deed cards with higher property values
  • Chest and Community cards
  • 6 debit cards
  • 1 card swiper
  • 32 houses
  • 12 hotels
  • 2 dice
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Bad Momma
12/27/2007 08:04

I'm not a fan of the new version. Eliminating the cash/ banker position may speed up the game but it takes away one of the educational components - counting cash and making change.

We all had our favorite game pieces and the new ones are laughable! I'm not ready to trade in my shoe for a Segway! The tiny dog in a handbag was a bit over the top.

The property prices and rents are out of control; million dollar properties and 5-6 figure rents! I had to explain to my kids what the k meant after a two or three digit number.

The game board looks like it was designed by Donald Trump; perhaps an Apprentice project gone terribly wrong.

Gone are the Railroads, Waterworks & the Electric Company; replaced with Airports, Cell Phone & Internet providers. Park Place & Boardwalk are now Fenway Park and Times Square.

I prefer the original edition.

12/02/2007 02:56


09/26/2007 12:35

Good, point. It's like Plasma TV, Segway, Space Shuttle, ole' time ballcap...huh? I like the debit idea, but ultimately I might be a Monopoly purist. Gotta love the feel of cold, hard, phony cash!

09/26/2007 12:09

I'm not sure how I feel about's half hokey, half relevant. I'm not a Monopoly purist, but I always enjoyed the banker aspect of the whole thing. One thing I find funny is that the modernized tokens include a baseball cap...that looks like Babe Ruth could have worn it.

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