Cranium Wow is a party-style board game from Hasbro and Cranium Inc.

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Cranium Wow is a party-style board game from Hasbro and Cranium Inc. that offers an updated take on the original release of the game, as well as an alternative to such spin-off editions of the game as Cranium Turbo Edition and Cranium The Family Fun Game. Intended for up to four groups of two players each, the objective of the game is for each team to move their game piece along the board using a 10-sided die that is color-coded to correspond to a given character card up to four spaces away. Everyone begins on a "Planet Cranium" space, and must draw a character card from one of the four different boxes organized by activity. The card categories include "Data Head" general knowledge questions, "Star Performer" music and charade-style questions, "Creative Cat" drawing and sculpting questions, and "Word Worm" spelling and grammar questions. Unlike most board games, players do not roll until the end of their turn, and may only roll if their character card challenge was successfully completed. While many of the challenges are tailored to the two players on a given team, there are a number of "Club Cranium" cards that include all members of the game. The team that wins a Club Cranium challenge gains control of the die whether it was supposed to be their turn or not, potentially intercepting the proper order of turns. The game is won when a given team traverses the entire board and becomes the first to enter into "Cranium Central" in middle of the board. It should be noted that there are two separate tracks that players can travel upon - the "Scenic Path" and the "Fast Track". Each time a team gets their game piece to a Planet Cranium space, they are eligible to access the fewer-spaced Fast Track by successfully completing their first challenge. Doing so allows them to use the Fast Track until reaching the next Planet Cranium space, where they must transfer to the Scenic Path if they do not once again complete the challenge. 

  • Based on the classic Cranium game
  • Suitable for up to 4 teams of 2 ages 13 and up
  • Includes 4 customizable game pieces
  • Includes 600 never-before-seen activity cards
  • Inclues a single 10-sided die
  • 15 different activities spanning four groups of character cards
  • Includes a timer, pencils and pads, and a jar of "Cranium Clay"
  • Additional game pieces available for online purchase
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