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Strap on this amazing electric guitar that teaches you how to play with authentic electric guitar sound.

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Strap on this amazing electric guitar that teaches you how to play with authentic electric guitar sound. Simply follow the lights and you'll be pounding out power chords, shredding leads, and rocking right out of the box. Learn to play twelve different rock classics, including "Wild Thing" and "Smoke on the Water." Connect the guitar to your MP3 Player, which are not included and strum along to your favorite tunes, or rock out solo and compose your own monster anthem. Styled to look like the Gibson SG electric guitar, this portable instrument also features a built-in speaker and dual-function knobs that let you add cool effects to your sound. Choose the tones that suit your playing style - including metal, punk, rock and indie. The special strum sensor means there are no strings and no pick needed to play. With authentic sound, tons of effects, and lessons built right in, the Power Tour Electric Guitar puts you on the high-tech highway to musical superstardom. It requires 4 "AA" batteries, which are not included and measures 24" long.

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  • Toy electric guitar that requires no musical background
  • Teaches basic guitar lessons and classic rock songs
  • Made with durable plastic with flashing LED lights
  • Includes electric guitar, cable, strap and instructional DVD
  • Recommended for ages 10 to 15 years old
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Compact Guitar Lights Up When Played

Made by Tiger Electronics, this miniature electric guitar packs tons of different sounds into compact, 22-inch Gibson SG design. This guitar is constructed with durable plastic with a black body, white pick guard, and a black nylon strap with leather ends. But unlike a Gibson, the special strum and touch sensors takes the place of strings, lighting up when you play, making the Power Tour electric guitar fun and easy to master. Strumming with your thumb instead of a pick, you can learn songs and riffs on your own, with band accompaniment, or with the built-in lessons and famous rock songs. Switching to speaker mode and plugging in your MP3 player, you can even rock out to your favorite tunes with flashing lights.

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Easy-To-Learn Lessons and Rock Classics

Even beginners who've never held a guitar before can develop playing skills with easy-to-learn lessons like "Basic Strumming Blues" and "Intro to Hammer-Ons" and "Punkitude." Whether you into metal or punk, the tone knob allows you to switch between four music styles, each with or without its own tone effect, like echo and distortion. But the real fun is playing along to the six built-in famous headbanger classics, including "Wild Thing" and "Smoke on the Water." The Power Tour Electric Guitar firsts shows you how to play the song, then lets you try with lighted notes to help guide you. If you mess up three times, you get booed, but when you master the song, the guitar rewards you with a round of applause.

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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Musical instruments can have huge learning curves, but the Power Tour Electric Guitar makes playing around fun from the get-go. The only real complaint is that the guitar strap is a bit difficult to attach. And while it's no substitute for a real guitar -- the tones and volume fall short of what could be called incendiary -- this toy guitar teaches you lessons and sharpens basic playing skills that could help lead to a life of rock stardom down the road. The included Power Tour 101 instructional DVD helps you get started. Most importantly, you'll learn that rocking out is a blast. 

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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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What's Included

  • Electric guitar
  • Cable
  • Strap
  • Instructional DVD
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a 5year old? Does anyone who has one have any input?

    I pondered the same thing. I'm not expecting my almost 5 year old to learn how to play, just have fun. They are in that stage where the Elmo/ Wiggles guitars are too babyish, yet not ready for strings. I did get one for him and almost didn't since they say it's for an 8 year olds. I say at that age they will learn how to play songs.

  • Power Tour Guitar for a Teen? Anybody bought one of these for an older kid/early teen?

    I just got one for a gift for a smaller child age 5 . I have never heard it played but it looks kind of small for a early teen. But I have seen rave reviews about it.

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