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The system, described as curvy, sleek and sexy, provides consumers with sound that is loud and clear.

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Harman Kardon's SoundSticks II three-piece speaker system produces high-quality stereo sound for Music, MP3's, movies and gaming experiences.
SoundSticks II encourages consumers to step out of the ordinary speaker world and offers sound in an original and unique package. The system, described as curvy, sleek and sexy, provides consumers with sound that is loud and clear.
SoundSticks II employs a new computer-optimized multi-band parametric equalization and Harman’s unique ”capacitance touch“ control buttons on the right satellite allow for direct access to volume control
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04/03/2010 10:02

I have owned the H/K series of speakers designed to go with the Macintosh computers, since the first iSub in 2000, then the first generation H/K Soundsticks and currently the H/K Soundsticks II. I fanatically take pristine care of all my belongings, do not smoke, eat, drink, etc. around them. I have had this set of Soundsticks II for around 2 years now. I will not debate the fact that the sound out of all H/K's products is superb. I even have H/K Stock Sound System in my Land Rover which blows the doors off. The problem I have with H/K's multimedia devision is that the actual longevity and overall quality of manufacturing is below par. I can't remember how many times my original iSub was replaced, and back then their customer support was sending an email and hopefully getting a response back in a month. Over time it has improved significantly. So, back to the Soundsticks II, the manufacturer has had to replace on two separate occasions the Satellite Speaker with the volume controls because the top speaker in the casing became unclipped and started bouncing and vibrating, making the sound horrendous. There is no way for the user to open the Satellite casing and clip it back in because it is sealed. H/K customer support now is fantastic! I sent them an email describing the problem, got an immediate response, faxed the proof of purchase and in less than a week I had a replacement Satellite speaker at no cost and I did not even have to send the broken one back. The second time it happened I was just out of my warranty period and they still went ahead and replaced it again at no charge. That time the part was on "backorder" which makes me think if this is a common problem. I just hope that when another year passes since the last replacement that the problem does not occur again. That being said, I still LOVE them, they are the best sounding multimedia speakers I have heard (unless you want to spend $999.00 on the B&O Set ). Everyone that comes to my house always compliments me on how stylish and attractive they are and love how the subwoofer lights up. I have a BOSE 3-2-1 GS Series II in my living room and my friends actually think that the H/K Soundsticks II hooked up to my MacBook Pro sound better, clearer, louder and sharper than the BOSE I spent over $1000.00 for. And, if I may say one more thing, I am not sure how many of you out there have noticed this but BMW offered a H/K upgraded stereo in their cars since the mid-1990's and Mercedes-Benz only used BOSE. Have you been in a new high end Benz lately? Well, if you have not, let's just say that you will not be listening to BOSE speakers anymore, they changed some of their higher model cars over to H/K as well, and I am sure the rest will follow suit in due time. If a car manufacturer like MB has changed from BOSE to H/K and other's like Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar have already been using them for decades, I think that makes a pretty bold statement. BOSE is just a name that people see as fancy or "the best" and you pay the premium for that name, it does not always mean that it is the best. So, YES, BUY THESE SPEAKERS! You will not regret it.

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