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The Harman Kardon HKS-9 is a pair of 2-way surround channel speakers from Harman Kardon's HKTS Series.

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mid-range is well rendered, very rich and warm sound

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comes with plates to cover the wire connections, no exposed wires when finished

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enough power output for most rooms in the home

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smooth curved design is attractive and sleek looking

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fairly compact design for the amount of power output

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included color-coded cables make it easy to set up

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bass support is fairly weak, needs a separate subwoofer to compliment it

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The Harman Kardon HKS-9 is a pair of 2-way surround channel speakers from Harman Kardon's HKTS Series.  The speakers are meant to be used along with any 5.1 channel speaker system, such as Harman Kardon's HKTS-18, to upgrade the system to 7.1 channel surround.  The speakers feature dual 3" midrange drivers, a 3/4" dome tweeter, and are capable of producing up to 120 watts of power.  They are magnetically shielded allowing them to be placed near video monitors.  The HKS-9 come with colour-coded speaker cables for easy installation of the speakers in the rear surround speaker positions as well as wall-mount brackets and leatherette coasters.  The speakers are more advanced than Harman Kardon's HKS-6 since they have a wider frequency range, higher power output and dual midrange drivers as opposed to the single midrange driver of the HKS-6.  The speakers are also about 3" taller than the HKS-6, at approximately 9.5" tall.

  • 2-way surround channel speakers
  • Up to 120 watts power
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB
  • Frequency Response: 105Hz - 20 kHz
  • 2x 3" video-shielded midrange driver
  • 3/4" video-shielded dome tweeter
  • Come with colour-coded speaker cables
  • Come with wall-mount brackets and leatherette coasters
  • 9-9/16" tall
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