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The Harman/Kardon HK Go + Play is an iPod docking station featuring a brushed steel design.

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3.5mm stereo input jack for use with other MP3 players / audio devices

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has dropped in price significantly since its launch in 2007

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on-body remote storage

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great RF remote - 30 foot range, doesn't require line of sight

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can be battery powered for use off of the mains

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great sound quality

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minimalistic and industrial design / aesthetic

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very basic - no clock, radio, other high end features

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high price

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not compatible with the iPhone or other recent iPod models

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takes 8 D sized batteries

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large size

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awkward upward facing dock

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The Harman/Kardon HK Go + Play is an iPod docking station featuring a brushed steel design that critics say make the HK look like a ‘futuristic bowling ball.’ It’s quite compact and utilizes four leg steels with rubber pads to stand tall and erect. And only two buttons are included: one for power and one for volume. Everything else is managed via an arc-shaped RF remote that offers extended media controls for skipping/pausing/playing tracks from a distance up to 30’. The actual iPod dock sits on top. Included is a 3.5mm stereo jack for hooking up a portable MP3 player; a USB port for syncing a docked iPod to a nearby computer; and an S-Video output that isn’t compatible with any recent iPod models like the Touch or Nano.

Additional Information

The HK Go + Play doesn’t fit the iPhone or iPod Touch/Nano. Plus, it doesn’t include a CD player or FM radio.

  • iPod Docking Station
  • Brushed Steel Design
  • Power/Volume Buttons
  • Accepts Portable MP3 Players
  • Supports USB Syncing to PC
  • RF Remote Control (Media Management)
  • Pop-Out Compartment for Remote
  • Classification: Portable Loudspeaker Dock for iPod
  • Driver: Two Ride and Two Atlas Transducers
  • Finish: Matte Black w/Stainless-Steel Details
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: >10k Ohms
  • StN Ratio: >85dB
  • Input (Auxiliary): 3.5mm Stereo; S-Video; USB
  • Input (Main): iPod Docking Connector
  • Power Output: 15W x2 Tweeters; 30w x2 Woofers
  • Power Input: D-Cell x8 (18-24 Hours) or AC/DC
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06/17/2012 09:56

great machine. immensely enjoyable.

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