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This unit sounds great with a stunning base, clear sound with battery for 4-5 h.

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Great sound

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Great battery time

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Very cool design

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Good Sound

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Can be rather loud before distorting

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Iphone/Ipod Touch does not fit well in docking pod

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Balance leg falls out with vibration

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This unit sounds great with a stunning base, clear sound with battery for 4-5 h. Due to this is the unit heavy and the docking with Iphone or Itouch is poor. Iphone and Itouch does not fit into the docking bay but can be attached. The Iphone flips into the "Flight mode" but it seems to charge. The remote does not operate the iphone menus.

The good: The Harman/Kardon Go + Play iPod boombox offers full, deep sound, along with an eye-catching design, RF remote control, video output, USB output, and aux input.

The bad: The Go + Play isn't yet compatible with the iPhone or many recent models of iPods, the power adapter is bulky, the dock is awkward, there's no EQ, no radio, and the design isn't for everyone.

The bottom line: The Harman/Kardon Go + Play is one of the best-sounding portable iPod speaker systems you can buy, but its high price and lack of compatibility with recent iPod models make it a limited recommendation.

Specifications: Type of speaker: portable speakers with digital player dock ; Dimensions (WxDxH): 9 in x 20 in x 9.5 in ; Amplification type: Active

Check test report at Cnet

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12/19/2009 03:33

HK Go + Play is unreliable. First unit purchased: one speaker stopped working; replaced under warranty. Replacement unit: two speakers not working; problem traced to iPod connector.

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