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The grinder itself has minimal parts making set up, usage, and clean up a breeze.

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The simplicity that the Hario Coffee Mill Canister has is a welcome commodity, especially during an early morning routine. The grinder itself has minimal parts making set up, usage, and clean up a breeze. It’s also beautiful to look at sitting on the kitchen counter. Its wooden handle is warm to the touch, and the polished brass construction is warm in appearance and lovely. The glass container is substantial in size and feels good held in the hand as you crank. And by the way, the entire product is made from metal parts that seem to be precisely thought about and designed, because it doesn’t take a lot of arm power to grind a good amount of beans.

The resistance felt as you grind however, is strangely satisfying… but again, it’s so fluid that even a 5 year old can operate it. The operation itself is quiet and not screamingly loud, like mechanical grinders- very welcome in the morning or late at night. The grind particles are very consistent- and with this, the coffee tastes consistent (rich but less acidic by the way, very nice). There’s a definite difference in taste made with this grinder compared to other blade-style mechanical grinders.

Hario's answer to the old fashioned coffee grinder. In Japanese, Hario means "King of Glass". Known Worldwide for fine quality products.

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  • No slip rubber cover at bottom
  • Capacity : Makes 120g
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Imported from Japan
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does one adjust the grind. The manual is in Japanese

    Adjusting the Coffee Grind Handling Precautions Cleaning the Glass Turn the locking screw counterclockwise and remove it. Remove the handle and stopper. Turn the grind adjustment nut to the desired grind level. (Refer to the figure below for the direction of grind adjustment.) Lock the grind adjustment nut with the stopper. Install the handle and locking screw. œDo not use items with cracks, chips or deep scratches, because they could break unexpectedly. œDo not strongly strike or scrape the inner surface of the glass container with a metal spoon or other object. Doing so may break the container. œIf the product breaks, take care not to injure yourself when cleaning it up. œFor disposal, follow the instructions of your local government. œThis product may be put in a dishwasher. Before using the dishwasher, read its instruction manual carefully. œIf the glass is very dirty, use diluted household bleach. At this time, be sure to observe the handling precautions of your household bleach. After using the bleach, thoroughly wash it off. Do not expose to direct flames. When cleaning, use a neutral detergent on a soft sponge. Even when using a soft sponge, do not use the sponges or cleansers shown below that will damage the glass. Doing so may cause the glass to break unexpectedly. The glass is fragile. Handle carefully when washing it...

  • How long does it take to grind beans? Assuming a grind for drip coffee/pour-over, approximate time per tablespoon of ground coffee? Thanks

    It is not a time consuming process. Takes me less than 2 minutes each time. The secret to a good grind is getting the setting as fine as you want by adjusting the nut on top (which you can then leave there), and turning at a consistent rate. You can't beat the flavor and aroma!

  • Was this item made in japan or imported from another country?

    Made in Japan.

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