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The Hannspree HF237HPB is a 23-inch LCD monitor released in late 2009.

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fast enough response to be used for gaming purposes

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low price for a monitor this big, good value

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bright and clear enough to be used for general productivity

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plays video smoothly, no tearing or jitter

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colors are vibrant and pop off the screen, makes it easier to spot icons or moving graphics in games

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doesn't have a very long lifespan, failures at around the 1 year mark are common

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color reproduction is poor, tends to blend colors together and makes them overly vibrant

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menu navigation is pretty tricky, takes some getting used to

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The Hannspree HF237HPB is a 23-inch LCD monitor released in late 2009. With full 1080p support, this 16:9 monitor is designed primarily for users who watch HD movies or play games on their computer. While the refresh rate is not the fastest in the industry, the 5ms rating should provide most users with an acceptable, blur-free experience. The black glossy stand is capable of tilting forward and back, but does not rise or rotate. Through the Hannspree HF237HPB’s settings, users can choose between four color temperature settings: Warm, Nature, Cool or User Mode. On the back of the monitor there is a 100mm x 100mm mounting bracket, which allows for the display to be fastened to a wall or aftermarket stand. Built-in speakers and a 3.5mm headphone connection are also included for those with basic sound needs.

  •  Black, glossy bezel
  •  23-inch widescreen TFT LCD
  •  1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  •  16:9 aspect ratio
  •  300 cd/m2 brightness
  •  Pixel pitch: 0.266 (H) x 0.266 (V) mm
  •  5 ms response time
  •  Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  •  Viewing angle: 170° (H) / 160° (V)
  •  Integrated 1W x 2 channel stereo speakers
  •  Color temperature: Warm, Nature, Cool, User Mode
  •  100 mm x 100 mm wall mountable
  •  Connections: HDMI (w/HDCP), VGA, audio-in, 3.5mm Headphone
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