It accommodates both large and small ingredients, so you can spend less time pre-cutting your ingredients.

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Whether you are cooking for two or prepping a large family meal, the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12 Cup Food Processor takes the guesswork out of food processing with a simple function guide that shows you which blade to use and which button to press. Designed to be uniquely simple - there's no twisting, turning or locking required when assembling the food processor. Chop, slice, shred, mix and puree just about anything with the powerful 450 Watt motor.

There is no max liquid fill line on this food processor, so you can process liquids without worrying about leaks because the bowl is sealed. The large-capacity bowl holds 12 cups and has a pour spout to reduce messy drips. This processor has a Big Mouth feed tube that saves you time by reducing the need for pre-cutting. In-bowl blade storage, cord storage and dishwasher-safe parts make for easy cleaning and storage.

The Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12 Cup Food Processor accommodates both large and small ingredients, so you can spend less time pre-cutting your ingredients and more time enjoying them.

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  • Easy stack & snap assembly
  • Patent-pending design requires no difficult twisting & locking
  • Simple function guide shows you which blade to use & which button to press
  • Big Mouth feed tube reduces pre-cutting
  • Sealed bowl with pour spout prevents leaks
  • Powerful 450 watt motor
  • Reversible slice/shred disk
  • Chopping S-blade
  • Dishwasher safe blades, bowl, and lid
  • Cord storage
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Easy to assemble

With the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor, the bowl is specially designed to fit directly on the base (with no twisting required) and the lid snaps securely to the bowl with simple locking clips for safe operation. No more guessing whether it’s put together correctly, just 'stack' and 'snap' the parts into place!

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What's Included


Many food processors come with a maximum liquid fill line, so if you are preparing soup you need to process multiple batches. The sealed bowl holds up to 12 cups of liquid, which reduces the need for multiple batches when processing soups or other liquids. Messy drips can be avoided with the built-in pour spout. A simple snap secures the lid on to the bowl, with no twisting and locking needed.


Use the S-blade for chopping nuts, meat, garlic, onions, peppers, celery, herbs, bread (for crumbs), and crackers. Also, use it to mince/puree vegetables and fruits, mix salad dressings, puree soups or sauces, and to grate cheese.

Reversible slice/shred disc

Use the slicing disc (slicing side facing UP) to slice cucumbers, apples, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, pepperoni, peppers, radishes, firm cheeses. Use the shredding disc (shredding side facing UP) to shred cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and cheese.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it really hold 12 cups of liquid without leaking?

    Yes, it does hold 12 cups, however, that is right to the top of the brim, and the container is water tight so there is no leakage.

  • How well does this process/puree small volumes ?

    It does a really good job.

  • Is there a work around for the tamper safty switch, so you don't have to cut items so small?

    There are two removable tampers -- the small clear one and the much larger black one.

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