The Melitta 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer is ideal for making iced coffee.

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Next time you say, “Let’s go get coffee,” think twice about rushing out to the coffeehouse, local shop or drive-thru to purchase some coffee and guzzling it down. Creating the perfect cup is something special to be savored. Something delightfully indulgent and memorable, something that evokes every sentiment of an authentic European café. That’s the promise of Melitta. Intelligent design, detailed craftsmanship, full-bodied flavor and a sensuous experience in every sip.

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  • Regular, bold and robust settings for rich-tasting coffee
  • Programmable with 2-hour auto shutoff
  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Cone filter design for better coffee extraction
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Take the next step in your pursuit of the perfect cup

The 10 cup Melitta Brewer brews with a drip machine that brews into a cone-shaped filter for better extraction and offers you control over the strength of your coffee. The Melitta Coffee Brewer knows how to make the most of your favorite ground coffee, from brewing it at a hot temperature to offering you the ability to wake up to a hot pot of coffee that’s ready to pour. If you’re dedicated to great-tasting coffee, choose the Melitta model with the carafe that fits your needs best: traditional glass with an adjustable-temperature heating plate or a thermal version that holds in heat without the need for a heating plate. See for yourself what coffee lovers are saying about the noticeable improvement in their coffee enjoyment experience. Melitta will bring hundreds of years of European culture, refined craftsmanship and rich indulgence to life, right inside your cup.

Choosing Your Brewing Strength: Melitta Coffee Brewers offer the choice of regular, bold and robust brewing strengths. It’s not difficult to decide which setting is right for you. If you typically purchase coffee described as, “bright, breakfast blend or mildly flavored,” and are not fond of espresso, your taste buds will be more at home with the REGULAR setting. If, on the other hand, you are drawn to dark, oily coffee beans at the store and look for coffee adjectives such as “bold, deep or rich,” choose the BOLD or ROBUST brewing setting.

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Making Iced Coffee

In addition to brewing hot coffee, the Melitta 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer is perfect for making iced coffee. Try some the next time you need a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day or to energize yourself before a project. To make iced coffee, fill the reservoir with water to the 5-cup mark and fill the thermal carafe with ice to just below the rim. After that, simply brew double-strength coffee. After brewing, pour the iced coffee into a glass filled with ice and add your favorite sweetener or cream.

Care and Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the Melitta Coffee Brewer will help extend its life by removing hard water deposits that may be present in the tap water. You can choose to clean your brewer with inexpensive vinegar or purchase a coffee machine cleaner. Cleaning the coffee brewer regularly may seem like extra work, but you’ll find that the improvement in taste is well worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it BPA free?

    Bisphenol A (BPA) a carbon-based synthetic compound are only used in "clear plastics". The only clear plastic used on this coffee maker is for the water cup window. I do not know if the clear plastic is BPA free. All the black plastic is BPA free though.

  • Does the basket hold an adequate amount of coffee (2 T grounds per cup) without causing overflow?

    I use a Farberware coffee measure which is labelled, "2TBSP". I routinely use 4 of these without overflow (8 level tablespoons), but the wet grounds are at the top of the filter when finished, so that could be the max. I have to point out that my Gevalia bag says, "1 tablespoon per 6 oz cup", not 2, and if you actually used 2 tbsp/cup, you would create rocket fuel. Of course, your tastes may vary ... fyi - there are 3 strength settings on this Melitta.

  • How hot does the water get during the brewing process?

    165 I prefer hotter coffee it's just a total disappointment in it's design.

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Size Options

  • 10 Cup Thermal Carafe
  • 12 Cup Glass Carafe
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