The BrewStation® Coffeemaker with Removable Reservoir means no pouring and no spilling.

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BrewStation® line- the BrewStation® 12 Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker with Removable Reservoir. In addition to eliminating the breakable glass carafe, the BrewStation® Dispensing Coffeemaker with Removable Reservoir simplifies another messy chore: filling the water reservoir. Instead of opening the top of the coffeemaker and pouring in water, which typically involves pulling the coffeemaker forward for better reach, this coffeemaker is equipped with a removable side reservoir that lifts off for easy filling at the sink.

The BrewStation® Coffeemaker with Removable Reservoir means no pouring and no spilling. There’s no need to use either a carafe or a pitcher for messy filling because the water reservoir removes from the side of the unit, allowing for fast, easy access. This cleverly designed reservoir holds enough water to brew multiple cups and is equipped with a water level indicator for filling smaller amounts as well.

This new model of coffee-dispensing convenience by Hamilton Beach®, the brand that invented the original “coffeemaker without a carafe,” is the latest in a long line of innovative products. Earning high praise since its debut, the dispensing coffeemaker concept changed the way people enjoy coffee. A quick push of the dispenser bar and coffee is dispensed right into the cup; no breakable glass carafe or messy pouring to contend with. Inside each BrewStation® tank, a gentle heater maintains the coffee’s temperature without scorching the flavor. From top to bottom, every coffeemaker in the BrewStation® line delivers the innovation and convenience that coffee drinkers and home cooks have come to expect from the Hamilton Beach® brand.

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Feature Benefits

  • The original 12 cup dispensing coffeemaker invented by Hamilton Beach®
  • Brews multiple cups of coffee and dispenses one fresh cup at a time
  • Forget the carafe™ — no pouring, no spilling, no breaking and no burnt coffee flavor
  • No hot plate to scorch coffee’s fresh-brewed flavor
  • Water reservoir removes for easy filling at the sink
  • Lets you make coffee the way you always have: just add water, a paper filter and ground coffee
  • Brews hot or iced coffee
  • Dedicated ICED COFFEE program button
  • Versatile brewing options include REGULAR, BOLD and 1-4 CUPS
  • Programmable timer lets you wake up to fresh, hot coffee
  • Adjustable auto shutoff is customizable from 0-4 hours
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Multiple Uses

Effortless Brewing and Dispensing

The inventive BrewStation® design took coffee from an outside carafe to an enclosed, interior tank, where coffee stays hot and fresh tasting for a long time. You make coffee the way you always have — by adding water, a paper filter and ground coffee. On this model, the removable water reservoir expands the convenience even further by letting you fill up at the sink without messy pouring. Best of all, freshly brewed coffee is easily dispensed on cup-at a time by pressing your cup against the dispenser bar for the world’s easiest fill-up.

Brewing Boldly

Do you love every nuance of coffee’s complex flavor? Do you grind — or even roast — your own beans because you enjoy the difference in freshness? Or if your schedule doesn’t allow for such an indulgence, do you satisfy your cravings by purchasing coffee that was recently roasted? Then try going BOLD. Before you start brewing, select the BOLD option to allow more time for water to saturate the grounds and fully extract your coffee’s rich flavor. The BOLD setting will require additional time to complete a brewing cycle. But if you want a bolder tasting cup of coffee, the extra few seconds of brewing time are worth the wait.

Brewing Iced Coffee

Want delicious iced coffee without having to pay at an expensive coffeehouse or have an inconsistent coffee from the drive-through? The try the ICED COFFEE setting. It’s easy to do. Just fill the reservoir up to the 6-cup line and fill the coffee tank with ice no more than the 10-cup line. Then brew your coffee double-strength. Dispense your delicious iced coffee right into your cup or pitcher, stir in sweetener or flavorings, and add ice.

Mocha Cinnamon Iced Coffee

Try this delicious recipe developed by the pros in the Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen. It makes eight 12-ounce servings that are perfect for on-the-go refreshment or leisurely sipping.


  • 12 tablespoons ground coffee
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 ½ cups half-and-half
  • 1 cup chocolate syrup
  • 8 cups ice cubes
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Brew iced coffee as directed in the “Brewing Iced Coffee” paragraph above, except add the cinnamon to the ground coffee in the brew basket. For one serving, dispense 8 ounces of coffee into a 12 oz. glass. Add 3 tablespoons half-and-half, 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup and 1 cup ice. Stir and enjoy.
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Tips & Care

Before first use, wash the coffee tank, filter basket and drip tray in hot, soapy water. Never put the coffee tank or removable reservoir in the dishwasher. Use coffeemaker cleaner monthly (once a week in areas with hard water) to prevent deposits that adversely affect coffeemaker performance and can decrease the life of your appliance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the measured height? have 15 inch under counter space.

    Truthfully 15 inches would probably be tight.

  • How hard (how much of a mess) is it to empty the coffee from the coffee maker on the rare occasions that there is leftover coffee?

    Very easy. The part where the coffee ends up has a little handle on it that you can lift the entire unit out and just dump. It almost looks like a little bucket so it's very easy to dump any leftover coffee and rinse it out.

  • Does this brew very hot coffee?

    This is an awesome machine. It brews very hot. Just make sure you leave your keep hot setting on for however long you will be wanting coffee. I have mine set for 2 hrs which is generally how long it takes us to finish the pot.

  • Where you put coffee grounds, is it a pull out in front or open lid?

    Both the lid for the coffee and water are top loading. It makes a front loader for the coffee but once again the water is top loading.

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