Whip and mix with this easy to use and powerful hand blender with 2 attachments.

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Adjustable speed

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Easy hand cleaning

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With whisk attachment

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Not too heavy

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Comfortable to use

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No frozen ingredients

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Hand-wash only

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With the 200-watt Hamilton Beach hand-held blender, there‚Äôs no need to get out a heavy mixer and bowl. Drinks can be blended right in the glass, soups pureed in the pot, and cream whipped in a portable bowl. Great for quickly blending small amounts and perfect for vacation-home use, the blender comes with two attachments: an 8.5 inch sharp-bladed blending wand with a protective plastic sleeve, and a 7.25 inch stainless-steel whisk. Both attachments twist securely onto the power handle and easily remove for hand washing. On the end of the power handle a two-speed button gives the option of low or high speed, and a five-foot cord provides good reach. A one-year warranty covers the hand blender against defects. 

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  • 2-speed 200-watt hand blender with 2 attachments
  • Blending wand purees soups, whips milk shakes
  • Stainless-steel whisk perfect for batter and whipped cream
  • 5-foot extra-length cord
  • Easy to use and clean
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Has anyone used this in the cold process soap making? If so how did it work out?

    I use the Procter silex 2 speed for my cold and hot process soap making. Works great with both and is plastic so no chance of reaction if any aluminum along with "stainless". Didn't have this one but had one similar and lye ate through it. Don't have that problem with the PS. 2 speed great for controlling trace.

  • Does this hand blender work on frozen fruit smoothies?

    I think it would. I use it in ice and it works great.

  • What is its weight?

    I just weighed it on my Weight Watchers scale. Unit is .75 lbs and a little bit more when attachment is on it, but under a pound complete. It's the best, most useful kitchen appliance I've ever had. If you want to make smoothies, I bought this cup with it: New 30 Oz. (Ounce) Malt Cup, Milkshake Cup, Blender Cup, Cocktail Mixing Cup, Stainless Steel, Commercial Grade - $5.18 with free shipping on orders over $35. No, I don't work for Amazon HA HA. Good luck.

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