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The GT Bump is a mid-level bike in the GT dirt/street line of BMXs.

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Performance Bike Gt Bump (2010)

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The GT Bump is a mid-level bike in the GT dirt/street line of BMXs. This is a BMX designed to keep its feel no matter what environment. The dirt/street dual radius bend handlebars that come stock on the GT Bump are Pro size, which helps to ensure that the bike will stand up to rugged terrain. The Kenda K-Rad 2.125" front tire and Kenda Konxsion 2.1" rear tire help in this cause, as they are made to withstand rough settings. The GT Bump also comes equipped with pedals that are built for the job. The pedals are GT dirt/street design, made to perform in either setting. As a bonus, these pedals are platform design, which keeps the rider's feet from slipping off when things get rough. As a mid-level bike, the GT Bump has received positive reviews.

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  • CNC mini design seat clamp
  • Pivotal alloy seat post
  • Pivotal street design saddle
  • GT Wing shroom design grips
  • FPD 1-1/8" integrated headset
  • Freestyle drop design stem
  • Tektro 273A aluminum brake levers
  • Tektro aluminum rear brake
  • Alloy front brake
  • 14G spokes
  • 9T cog set
  • GT branded front and rear hub
  • Alienation PBR rims
  • KMC Z510 chain
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