An exterior layer of premium quality Para & Meta aramid fibers that insulate and protect from high temperatures.

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An exterior layer of premium quality Para & Meta aramid fibers that insulate and protect from high temperatures, and an interior layer of 100% cotton lining for maximum comfort.

Not great just for serving food that is too hot to handle. Use them to tend to smokers, change light bulbs, carry logs for the fireplace and even pick up salt blocks!

Higher heat tolerance with much higher tenacity and elastic modulus since we use more of the costly Para aramid to the ratio of Meta aramid than any other brand. Highest rated protection is literally at your fingertips now.

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  • Made of high quality materials, these grill gloves absorb even the slightest hint of heat, so that even the hottest object feels like it came straight out of the fridge.
  • A nice fit that only gets better with frequent use. Handling a piping hot cast iron skillet or even turning food on a gas grill using these is a breeze.
  • Oven Gloves covers past your wrist due to 10cm wrist length
  • Thick Gloves but not too rigid to allow you to do anything while wearing them
  • Silicone strips for a superb grip, complete confidence and safety. Enjoy great success in the kitchen!
  • A vast improvement over oven mitts and potholders with their increased functionality and a wider range of movement.
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  • The outer layer of glove does not catch fire & does not melt when exposed to an open flame
  • Lightweight allows your hands & fingers to move freely, minimize fatigue
  • Silicone strips on palm & back of hand, anti-skid, good for holding large bowl with soup
  • Ambidextrous right handed & left handed
  • Great for Fireplace Logs, Car Repair, Welding, Light-bulb Changes, And More!
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Color Options

  • Red
  • Black
  • Hot Pink
  • Orange
  • Blue Silicon
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