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Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan is the iPod-only version of the iPod/iPhone Griffin iTrip Auto.

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capable of international frequency ranges if there aren't many open stations and your radio supports it

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color-coded light ring gives immediate feedback on charging status

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search function often doesn't find the clearest frequencies

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iPod equalizer needs to be set to "acoustic" for the sound quality to sound right

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doesn't always hit the right frequency, sometimes need to go one notch up on the dial

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display on the iTrip is hard to read in sunlight

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some minor signal degradation between the device and the radio

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Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan is the iPod-only version of the iPod/iPhone Griffin iTrip Auto. Essentially, it an FM transmitter and car-charger that not only passes iPod/iPhone signals to a car, but also charges it as well. At it core is Griffin’s proprietary SmartScan technology, which automatically locates the best frequencies, thereby ensuring seamless FM transmission. Like its peer, it sports selectable LX/DX modes of broadcasting for stations anywhere from 88.1 up to 107.9. Most unique about the iTrip Auto SmartScan, however, is its simple 1-cable design that allows the device to transmit iPod signals to to a car, while also charging it. One side of the cable connects to an iPod, whereas the other directly into an automobile’s charger slot – the cigarette lighter opening.

  • Compact FM Transmitter for iPod
  • SmartScan Technology
  • 1-Cable Design
  • FM Frequencies
  • Digital LCD Screen
  • Built-in Antenna
  • Zero Batteries
  • Selectable Stereo/Mono
  • Power Switch w/3-color Charge Indicator
  • iPod      
  • iPod Mini   
  • iPod Photo   
  • iPod Nano  
  • 2nd Gen iPod Nano   
  • iPod w/Video   
  • iPod Classic  
  • 3rd Gen iPod Nano  
  • iPod Classic  
  • iPod Touch   
  • 2nd Gen iPod Touch 
  • 4th Gen iPod Nano
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