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IPod Dock, charger, and direct line-in connection to your car stereo.

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Gain control on car charge plug. Allows you to get a good volume without cranking the iPod way up.

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Shows charge amount with different colored lights on end of the car plug.

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Provides a way to plug your iPod into the car in one step. You don't have to plug into power and Aux input you just plug the iPod into the cradle.

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Flex neck may be too short for some vehicles.

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iPod Dock, charger, and direct line-in connection to your car stereo.

TuneFlex's flexible steel neck adjusts to any angle, and its cradle grips your iPod and rotates to stay upright and easily readable in any position.

TuneFlex plugs into your car's 12 Volt accessory outlet to power and charge your iPod. The light at the base of TuneFlex's neck shows its power status. TuneFlex's charging circuitry is even equipped with a replaceable auto fuse to keep your iPod safe from power spikes. A low-high audio output switch ensures sound without distortion.

TuneFlex is flexible at getting tunes to your audio system as well: a built-in 1/8" stereo line-out audio jack lets you attach the included cable directly to your car stereo's auxiliary input jack (hence the "aux" in the name). Don't have an aux-in port on your car stereo? Use TuneFlex's pass-through dock connector with Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter, SmartDeck cassette adapter, or tons of other options. (But you might want to take a look at our RoadTrip, instead, for car stereos without auxiliary ports.)

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05/30/2008 07:38

I really like being able to jump in my car and just plug my iPod Touch into the dock without messing with also plugging in the Auxiliary cord and figuring out where to set it in the mess of cords.

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