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Re-introduced in March 2009 with a slightly tweaked and improved driver.

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best sound for your buck

10 agree

open design lets your ears breath, not as stuffy as closed headphones

8 agree

very fun sound signature - clear highs, powerful bass and lively midrange

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6 agree

I'm loving it!

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classic Grado aesthetic

4 agree

improves with amplification and better sources

4 agree

actually quite comfortable if you get used to them (takes several months!)

2 agree

simple build is easy to fix yourself, won't break in weird ways

2 agree

essential for a Grado lover's mobile/travel kit

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can be sibilant - especially if driven poorly, by a bad source, or too loudly

5 agree

poor for use on the go - thick cable, open design and the fact that you can't throw it in your bag

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potential comfort issues

4 agree

not intended as a studio headphone - not neutral at all

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will have you upgrading in no time

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not the best quality build

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Re-introduced in March 2009 with a slightly tweaked and improved driver, the classic looking Grado SR80i is critically acclaimed as one of the best values in headphones today. Built on the same features as the SR60i, but utilizes a 4 conductor connecting cable and larger ear cushions, the SR80i provides an improved bass resonance, which enhances the overall detail, and a wider soundstage. John Grado says he strove for the best sounding phones for the money, and with the glowing reviews the SR80's have received, who can argue.

  • Vented diaphragm
  • Non Resonant air chamber
  • Standard copper voice coil wire
  • Standard copper connecting cord
  • mini plug with 1/4" adaptor
  • Tranducer type : dynamic
  • Operating principle : open air
  • Frequency response : 20-20
  • SPL 1mV : 98
  • Normal impedance : 32ohms
  • Driver matched db : .1
Post Review
Anthony Sanguineo Castanon
01/21/2010 08:00

I was expecting more from all the raving reviews. It really lacks on bass for me

Charlie Chiang
05/02/2009 09:35

As a previous owner of Grado SR60, I found this new SR80i better than SR60! Like SR60, SR80i has the unique and sweet Grado taste that features very clear high and mid ranges. It's bass is just enough; certain headphones have bass that is just way too distorted and unnatural. I strongly recommend anyone who love classic, jazz, and other similar types of music to buy it. It's an incredible bargain!

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