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This 3-in-1 car seat now keeps your child harnessed longer up to 65 lbs.

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This 3-in-1 car seat now keeps your child harnessed longer up to 65 lbs., and converts to a booster seat up to 120 lbs for years of use. Argos 65 also features the Simply Safe Adjust harness system--with one-hand, the harness and head rest automatically adjusts. The Argos 65 is steel-reinforced for strength and durability, Side Impact Tested, features EPS foam, and is LATCH-equipped.

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Care and Maintenance

Machine-washable seat cushion. Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap and water. Buckle may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Harness straps may be spot cleaned.
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  • Simply Safe Adjust Harness System is safe & simple with a one-hand, no re-thread harness that automatically adjusts
  • Side-impact tested In addition to exceeding all applicable US safety standards
  • The Argos 65 car seat has been side impact tested for occupant retention
  • Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability
  • It has a built-in 5-point harness system
  • 3-position recline helps keep your growing child comfy
  • One-hand, adjustable headrest easily adapts to your growing toddler’s needs
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
  • Integrated child's cupholder keeps drinks close by
  • Contoured armrests with cup holder and storage pockets
  • Open-loop belt guides help you correctly position your vehicle’s seat belt
  • LATCH-equipped
  • Argos 65 is designed for children 20 - 65 lbs. forward-facing in a harness, 30 - 100 lbs. in the belt-positioning booster and 40 - 120 lbs. in the no back belt-positioning booster
  • Engineered & crash tested to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213
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Manufacturer Recommended Limits

  • 27 to 52 inches with 5-Point Harness
  • 38 to 57 inches as Highback Booster
  • 40 to 57 inches as Backless Booster
  • 20 to 65 pounds with 5-point Harness
  • 30 to 100 pounds as Highback Booster
  • 40 to 120 pounds as Backless Booster
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Installation Made Easy

This convertible car seat is equipped with a LATCH system, which makes installation simple. The LATCH system also keeps the seat steady when it’s not in use and helps with easy self-buckling when your independent child is ready.

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Color Options

  • Sapphire
  • Link
  • Nyssa
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can it be rear facing?

    No, this is a forward facing only seat.

  • How does ease in and out of the seat compare to Chicco NextFit? I am used to the button that releases the straps for easy loosening.

    The graco is a simple lever you push, it is located in that gray spot on the front seat part, and you push it and then pull the straps to adjust them. Or pull on the black strap to tighten.

  • My child is 18 months and I would like to know if anyone has this with a child around that age?

    No. A child that young should still be rear facing in a convertible carseat until they are 40lbs or out grow the rear facing limit on the seat.

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Safe Features

Graco’s team of engineers has designed this seat to help protect your child on all of your trips together. The Argos 65 has been rigorously engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety standards. It’s also been Side Impact Tested for occupant retention by the built-in harness system. You’ll also appreciate the EPS energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management. All of these things help give you peace of mind, as your child rides in the vehicle with you.
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