Ice is just minutes away with Gourmia's fast acting portable ice maker!

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Make ice quickly

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3 cube sizes

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Gourmia GI500 Electric Compact Professional Stainless Steel Ice Maker, 2 Quart Water Tank Get Ice in Minutes; Express Machine Can Make Over 26 lbs/Day. The GI150 is at your service with customizable production. With 3 cube sizes, status display, auto shut off, standby mode, insulated interior and refill alarm, you're set with an ultra convenient and super fast way to make ice. It's Gourmia's GI500 premium ice maker. If only everything was this easy. 
Ice is just minutes away with Gourmia's fast acting portable ice maker! Get the cold where you want it, when you want it, with no messy dripping ice cube trays and no clogging up freezer space. The GI500 gives you the convenience you need for an icy cold experience - your way! 
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  • Get ice on demand with a high efficiency ice machine that produces ice in minutes. No need for messy ice cube trays and no freezer space required
  • Produces 9 pieces of ice in just 10 minutes. The GI500 ice machine can produce over 26 lbs of ice a day
  • Features include 3 cube sizes, status, clock, timer, auto shut off, standby and refill alarm. 2 quart water tank holds enough to make a generous amount of ice before refilling
  • Features insulated interior to keep ice crisp and fresh. The ice drawer can hold over 1 ½ lbs of ice at once
  • Compact size works well with smaller spaces -countertops and side tables, offices, studios, and kitchenettes. Great prep tool for parties, fishing trips and road trips
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much ice does this hold?

    +/- 1.5 pints.

  • Do you have to empty the ice when it is done making?

    It empty's in to a basket and you can put it in a ice bucket or in a freezer bag and keep it frozen.

  • Where do you put the water?

    Underneath ice tray.

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