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The Wi-Fi Remote enables full remote control of up to 50 cameras at a time, from 600’/180m away.

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WiFi not work underwater

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Control your GoPro remotely from distances of up to 600' (180m) with this wearable, waterproof remote. Power the camera on/off, adjust settings, start/stop recording and capture photos. When used with HERO4 cameras, you can also use the Settings/Tag button to quickly change settings or mark key moments while recording with HiLight Tag. Enables control of up to 50 cameras at a time.

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  • Complete Camera Control: Delivers full remote control of all camera functions, including shutter, on/off and settings. Settings/Tag Button: Quickly adjust settings and tag video highlights to quickly find later for playback, sharing and editing (HERO4 Cameras ONLY).
  • Long-Range Remote Control: Control your camera from distances of up to 600' (180m) in optimal conditions. Control Mulitple Cameras: Enables control of up to 50 GoPro Cameras at a time - perfect for mulitcam setups.
  • 40% Increased Battery Capacity: Features 40% increased battery capacity compared to the WiFi Remote
  • LCD Screen Mirrors Your Camera's: A built-in LCD screen mirrors your camera's status screen for quick confirmation of camera functions and settings.
  • Wearable and Mountable: The remote can be worn or mounted to your gear for quick , easy access. Includes a Key Ring and Wrist Strap: Attach the remote to your keys, zippers or other gear with the included key ring, or wear it like a watch with the included wrist strap.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need to be around wifi for the remote to control the camera ?

    No, the remote connects directly to the camera via an ad-hoc network. You do not need to be on a wifi infrastructure to use the remote.

  • Does this remote work with the GoPro Hero 4 (silver and black)?

    Yes it does. Do note, if you are controlling a single camera, this remote can access the various camera settings - resolution, frame rate.... If you are controlling more than one camera, you are limited to only power on/off and changing camera modes. It will not access any settings when connected to more than one camera.

  • Does the smart remote work with the gopro hero 3 plus silver?

    Yes, it does. It's simply the newer version of the remote. Has a longer range and can go deeper in the water.

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