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Well, it's not true, but it certainly feels that way quite often.

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Free, as in free beer. Or free cake

36 agree

Excellent search. Fast, clean, simple

33 agree

Not evil, in general

26 agree

Continually coming out with free web apps and services

23 agree

Non-intrusive ads.

8 agree

Powered by a pretty amazing business model: AdSense

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It can find

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supports OpenID

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in general, Google makes importing and exporting of user data available, usually even gives you choices -> Easy to opt out of Google if you wish to do so

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If Google goes evil, we're all screwed

33 agree

Ubiquitous search creates a market for SEO which in turn leads to link spam, fake blogs, and other annoying behavior

17 agree

Could be more open about how they work - too much of a black box

12 agree

google "is" evil 'fullstop'

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Supports illegal sponsored advertising such as child pornography

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Googol is spelled wrong

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Google IS the Internet. Well, it's not true, but it certainly feels that way quite often. Perhaps it's a deserved title with services (on top of their search) like GMail, Google Video, Google Desktop Search, Picasa, Froogle, Google Maps, Google Local, and the list goes on and on. All free, almost all great.

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11/24/2010 11:16
#google What do you think of the new preview button? I love it. I hate going to sites and then finding the data totally useless. At least now you can check to see whether a page load is worth it.


11/24/2010 11:20

At first I didn't like the previews coming up, it was unexpected and quite jarring. But you do make a good point. How many times have you landed on some stupid page that's just full of ads, at least this will help with that. I have to start using it in that fashion and maybe my opinion will turn around. Will give it a shot...



11/24/2010 11:25

Yeah I like it as well. I think it's going to make searching things more efficient. No more giving sites my clicks that don't deserve it.



11/24/2010 11:28

And hopefully with this feedback loop (which I'm sure Google has), the crappy sites will fall by the wayside. I'm not totally convinced Google always has the user's best interest at heart at all times - they obviously have a conflict of interest with their own Google Ads - at least it should improve search results somewhat.



11/24/2010 11:32

It's good for checking sites that you're not quite sure about in a safe way without wasting time visiting the page.

11/03/2010 03:10
#google Google Docs you are failing me lately! What's up with that???
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