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GMail (accessible at gmail. Google. Com) is Google's entry into the Web-based email market.

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A ton of storage capacity (almost 3GB)

61 agree

Organizes emails into conversations

54 agree

Free, easy POP, SMTP access

54 agree

Fast, powerful searching of your emails

50 agree

Built in chat

47 agree

Ability to create tags and apply multiple tags per email.

45 agree

Free IMAP access

42 agree

Best spam protection

39 agree

Great UI

38 agree

Mobile version available

32 agree

Lightweight, fast loading, easy to use, but still carries advanced features

31 agree

Get GMail for your own custom domain for free

28 agree


25 agree

Useful addons in GMail labs

25 agree

Integrate well with Google Chrome

16 agree

Ability to switch to HTML and chat-disabled mode if need-be

11 agree

Fully feature packed with G-Talk, Documents, Calendar and more

8 agree

Hardly ever experience downtime

8 agree

Supports push delivery to all smartphones as of Sept. 22, 2009

6 agree

Anti-virus protection

6 agree

Saves my college $250,000 a year, and it's better than the old email system.

5 agree

Can be set up as an Exchange server for push notification on mobile

5 agree

Available for your own domain using Google Apps for Domains - there's a free version, just have to look for it a bit

5 agree

Priority Inbox - intelligently learns which e-mails are important to you, gives them to you first, with everything else coming after

5 agree

Streamlined interface full of features

5 agree

Awesome keyboard shortcuts increase productivity - especially on laptops

4 agree

integrated video, voice and free / cheap international calling functionality

3 agree

Over 7gb of storage

2 agree

Stylish and Beutiful

2 agree

Storage constantly expands.

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Can't manually break up conversations

18 agree

Does not automatically switch to a Secured https page while using the application.

16 agree

Can incorrectly groups emails in conversations

12 agree

Search works only with full words

11 agree

Can't set two labels in one filter

9 agree

can't create folders!

8 agree

Heavy javascript usage slows page loading

7 agree

Slow updates from secondary pop3-accounts

3 agree

Can't sorting!

3 agree

Does not deal well with low bandwidth or poor connections

3 agree

overused domain name

2 agree

Does search only complete words......................

2 agree

Targeted advertising

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GMail (accessible at is Google's entry into the Web-based email market. They allow almost unlimited storage (6.8+ GB currently and growing at a rate of 3.35 MB / day). Not only a Web-based system, GMail supports POP3, IMAP, and push (via Exchange Server)  access to the account for use in third-party e-mail applications like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird and your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, MS Mobile). GMail is available in a mobile version at It's initial release came March 21, 2004.

GMail Labs

Google launched a new tab called "Labs" accessible from all users' "Settings" tab in their GMail account on June 5th, 2008 at 6pm. They will use this area to test experimental GMail features, largely developed as part of Google's 20% time strategy in which engineer's are encouraged to spend one day per week working on projects outside of their job descriptions. Features in the lab will come and go at Google's description, and some may work they way out of the lab into the core GMail offering as is done with the traditional Google Labs program.

The current GMail Labs features are:

  • a module for quick links (saved searches, important messages)
  • superstars (additional star icons)
  • pictures in Gmail chat
  • fixed width font
  • custom keyboard shortcuts
  • mouse gestures
  • random signature
  • signature tweaks (places the signature before the quoted text)
  • custom date format
  • muzzle (hide the status of your contacts in Gmail chat)
  • play Snake inside Gmail
  • email addict (blocks the screen for 15 minutes)
  • hide unread count
Post Review
10/29/2009 03:14

The one con about the heavy JavaScript usage is pretty null, considering most modern browsers are designed to handle the load, though dial up users may want to use the inbox preview feature.

03/17/2009 12:51

I really fel this is the best emailing system in the online enviornment.

04/16/2008 02:04

My web-based email of choice. it is uncluttered, has a minimum of text-only ads I barely notice, loads quickly, and the interface is well organized. My absolute favorite element is how email threads are organized into single "conversations", making it a breeze to view one series of replies all at once. With every other major web-based email (Yahoo, Hotmail), each reply must be viewed seperately, which to me is a pain. And though it took a little getting used to, with the tagging and powerful search ability, you don't need folders at all.

02/07/2008 12:32

same here, also use it for work stuff and with better gmail plug in some of the functionality that could be wanted in gmail can be easily added.

12/14/2007 08:29

This became my web-based email of choice when it first launched, over a year ago.

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