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A higher-end tire intended for winter use on sedans or sports cars.

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TIREBUYER Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance $140.69

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Minimal issues when driving in a straight line - ride is relatively smooth and quiet

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Performs very well in winter conditions - unobtrusively handles snow, slush and ice with sufficient comfort and handling

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Trouble with corners on many vehicle types - tires will "squirm" and produce a loud squeal on sharper turns

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Generally overpriced for the quality and feature set - competitors from Michelin and Bridgestone offer more reliability

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Lacks Goodyear's reliable Treadlife warranty - sure to frustrate long-time Goodyear customers

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Suburban tread life is disappointing - will likely need replacement after 25,000 - 30,000 miles

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Tends to hydroplane easily - may be dangerous in the rain/as snow is melting

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Goodyear's Ultra Grip Performance tire is a higher-end tire intended for winter use on sedans or sports cars, and it offers an all-around above-average (compared to other Goodyear models) traction in wet, dry, and icy conditions, and the best possible snow traction. It has a unique, asymmetric tread design that offers a balance of handling and control as well as traction through various conditions. The treads are silica-based, improving wet traction and shorting wet braking distances. Another special feature on this model is the inclusion of tiny grooves that can open, close, or lock together depending on road conditions, to provide traction.

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  • Silica-based treads improve wet traction and braking distances
  • Asymmetric tread design offers adaptability
  • Very good wet, dry, and ice handling
  • Excellent snow handling
  • Deep grooves evacuate water
  • Micro-grooves adapt to winter conditions
  • Intended for sports cars or performance vehicles, sedans
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