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A high-end truck and SUV tire, mainly because it has three unique tread designs in one.

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Excellent traction in wet conditions - maintains consistent road contact, especially when travelling 25mph and above

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Smooth handling, especially on the highway - ride is relatively straight and comfortable, especially for a winter tire

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Wear is slow and even - many users will get 15,000 miles or more before noticing any considerable signs of damage

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Seemingly prone to stress cracks when treated as an all-season tire - likely to wear much quick in polar weather zones

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Not recommended for extreme weather or off-road conditions - may be very dangerous in 3+ inches of snow

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Relatively noisy - tends to produce a great deal of noise as compared to winter models from Michelin and Dunlop

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Likely to drop gas mileage efficiency, especially on larger vehicles - trucks and SUVs will notice at least a 1.5x addition in gallon-to-mile usage

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Tread zones seem to catch and retain debris - especially dangerous in rough winter conditions when users rely on these areas to channel ice and snow

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Goodyear's Fortera TripleTred is a high-end truck and SUV tire, mainly because it has three unique tread designs in one, and they help to optimize traction in dry, wet, or icy winter conditions. This is because of its unique tread design, which includes a water zone that propels water away from the tire, an ice tread that enhances grip and traction on slick or icy roads, and an outer dry tread that provides optimal traction with dry pavement. The combined three treads cover the total surface area of the tire. Other features include a safety scuff zone in the sidewalls to resist accidental curb damage, and a compound added to the rubber to keep the tires looking black and new over their lifetime. This tire is not really intended for off-roading.

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  • For trucks or SUVs
  • Three-in-one tread design
  • Central snow-and-ice tread provides traction in winter conditions
  • Deep water channels expel water
  • Outer dry zone improves handling in dry conditions
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable ride
  • Scuff rib protects against curb damage
  • Tires stay black and look new over their lifetime
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