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An original equipment model typically found on European performance sedans or sports cars.

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Deep treads provide considerable traction - handles safely on wet/slippery roads for improved driver safety

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Drive comfort (when seated properly) is relatively good - pacing is steady and even with minimal squalling on sharper turns

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Excellent option for smooth, urban driving - likely to provide 15,000+ miles of use on well-kept roads with minimal wear and tear

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Seemingly prone to excessive noise/vibration - ease of misalignment causes a generally uncomfortable ride

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Generally overpriced for the build quality and lifespan - much more reliable units from Michelin and Bridgestone are available at a similar price point

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Vulnerable nature may cause serious vehicular damage - some users report irreversible rim damage costing thousands of dollars to replace

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Unit seems relatively weak - occasional bump/pothole encounters will quickly bubble and separate the tire, requiring replacement with less than 500 miles of use

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Goodyear's Excellence tire is an original equipment model typically found on European performance sedans or sports cars. It offers a mix of decent speed rating, comfort and handling. It is very quiet and provides a comfortable ride while offering an overlay central tread pattern that gives good traction in dry conditions and good braking safety in wet conditions. It has circumferential grooves to evacuate water, and the treads wear evenly to prolong the life of the tire. This is a higher-end model.

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  • Circumferential grooves
  • Precise handling
  • Even wear
  • Good braking and handling in wet conditions
  • Good traction on dry roads
  • Quiet ride
  • Comfortable
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