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Built for all seasons. The tread features separate zones for specialized purposes.

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Dry traction is excellent at the price point and design style - product promotes a smooth, steady ride with consistent cornering abilities

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Tires are visually striking - sleek profile and intricate tread design are both aesthetically and functionally beneficial

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Great overall performance within first year of use - product holds true to its "all-season" design and is ideal for short-term applications

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Hard rubber construction results in poor wet condition performance - not recommended for users living in consistently rainy regions

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Tires do not excel at cushioning - potholes and uneven terrain are felt powerfully throughout the entire vehicle

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Unit longevity seems relatively short - many users report signs of significant, uneven wear at as little as 10,000 miles of use

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Can be extremely noisy, especially at high speeds - may be very bothersome to some users

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Goodyear Eagle GT are high-performance tires built for all seasons. The tread features separate zones for specialized purposes. The High-Performance Zone on the outside half of the tire works to provide strong handling and grip in dry conditions. The All-Season Zone is designed differently to help provide enhanced traction on wet and snow-covered roads. This is accomplished with TredLock Technology, large blocks with microgrooves that bite together for enhanced wet traction and lock together completely on turns for a stronger grip. Two grooves run the circumference of the tire to evacuate water and allow the tread to contact the pavement more quickly. A rim protector is also designed in to protect the wheels in case of accidental collision with the curb.

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  • High-Performance Zone
  • All-Season Zone
  • TredLock Technology
  • Dual circumferential grooves
  • Rim protector
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