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Designed for high performance when accelerating and taking corners.

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TIREBUYER Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric $248.99

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Sufficient all-around performance - traction and handling benefits make up up for wear issues

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Handling is smooth and consistent - tires evenly distribute vehicular weight for increased driving comfort

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Excellent performance in wet/icy conditions - tires remain firmly planted and feel "stuck" to the pavement

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Virtually no audible noise throughout product lifespan - users report consistently quiet performance though out straight-ahead and cornering manoeuvres alike

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Sidewalls perform well but are highly prone to malfunction - users report cracking and additional damage within first months of use

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Soft rubber design is not recommended for primary track driving - tires tend to wear very quickly in this format

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Seemingly prone to several serious wear issues - users report leaked air and tread separation amongst primary concerns

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires are designed for high performance when accelerating and taking corners. The asymmetric tread design consists of an outer zone to grip in dry weather conditions, and an inner zone designed to evacuate water from under the tire as efficiently as possible. The interior of the tire uses Active CornerGrip Technology through a layer of aramid in the inboard sidewall. This helps to keep the pressure even across the entire tread surface against the road, enhancing the grip while cornering. A polymer tread compound helps both on dry roads and wet conditions to improve traction, and a rim protector helps to prevent accidental damage against a curb.

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  • Innovative asymmetric tread design
  • Active CornerGrip Technology
  • Aramid in the inboard sidewall
  • Next-generation polymer tread compound
  • Rim protector
  • Run On Flat technology
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