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Released with a lot of fanfare the EMX 7 was Eddy Merckx shot at the top of carbon bikes

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Eddy Merckx EMX 7 Geometry

Eddy Merckx EMX 7 warranty: 5 years
Sold as a frameset or complete bike - contact us for a custom estimate.
Released with a lot of fanfare the EMX 7 was Eddy Merckx shot at the top of carbon bikes and to help him get the word out Tom Boonen was right there every step of the way in the development and launch of the bike. Ridden with great success the EMX-7 has quickly become one of the most sought after bikes in the peloton.
The EMX 7 uses advanced carbon fiber technology to produce the strongest, stiffest yet lightest racing bike.
  • Advanced Composite Design includes: 62HM/HS fiber combination, Carbon Laminate + (maximizing the strength and rigidity), OSR (Optimized Structural Reinforcement) technology and ABAQUS lay-up optimization
  • Aerodynamic Shape Design includes:airfoil shaped tubing, airfoil shaped seatpost design, aerofork design and internal cables (smooth design)
  • Optimal Power Transfer includes:asymmetric chain stay, tapered head tub 1.5''-1 1/8'' and oversized bottom bracket
  • Frame: Carbon OSR 62 1K
  • Fork: 1.5'' - 1 1/8''
  • Seatpost: integrated aero design
With the grand master Merckx's experience and Tom Boonen's input the EMX 7 is a racers dream. Further testing the partnership between Merckx and Pinarello the EMX 7 is built to the highest standards known in the industry. 
Constructed from Toryca 62 HM carbon 1K the EMX features an integrated seatmast and monocoque airfoil tubing, a first for Merckx. The aero fork mates to a tapered headtube. Asymmetrical chainstays, internally routed cables.
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