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HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology links and 128-bit Floating Point Units.

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Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics is DirectX 10 compatible and one of the most powerful onboard graphics - perfect for light gaming and 2D/3D rendering without the cost/heat/power usage of a dedicated card

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Multiple display connectors: DVI-D, VGA and HDMI (with audio).

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inexpensive for such a full featured board

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The integrated graphics solution is powerful enough for driving a 1920x1200 flat panel and has hardware decoding support for both H.264 and VC-1 HD video formats.

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Up to 16 GB RAM supported (4x 4GB modules)

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support for CrossFireX for multiple video card gaming systems

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support for faster DDR2 1066MHz RAM

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BIOS update adds support for Phenom II CPUs

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quality board components (all Japanese solid state caps)

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Multiple Fan headers - 4 incl CPU header

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AMD 780 Northbridge only has a heatsink and runs very hot

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DVI-D and HDMI outputs cannot be used simultaneously (either DVI-D or HDMI can be used simultaneously with VGA though)

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Integrated Radeon HD3200 graphics uses system RAM (by default 256MB) instead of having its own dedicated memory. There is a similar model, GA-MA790GP-DS4H, with Radeon HD3300 graphics and built-in 128MB DDR3 1333MHz SidePort memory, but it is much more expensive.

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The GA-MA78G-DS3H is GIGABYTE’s next generation, high performance platform based on the new AMD 780G Chipset and support for the new AMD Phenom™ quad-core processors, with the latest AM2+ platform support, integrated DDR2 1066 memory controller, HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology links and 128-bit Floating Point Units. In addition, GA-MA78G-DS3H features with new innovative S features- Safe, Smart, Speed technologies, further providing reliable and user friendly computing and reaching the maximum system performance easily via personalized software settings.

GA-MA78G-DS3H (rev. 1.0)   
     AMD 780G Chipset

   1. Supports AMD Phenom X4/ Phenom X3 processors
   2. Dual Channel DDR2 1066* for remarkable system performance
   3. Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics (DirectX10)
   4. Ultimate graphics performance with dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 interface with ATI Hybrid CrossFireX support
   5. Integrated SATA 3Gb/s with RAID function
   6. Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE1394
   7. High quality 106dB SNR ALC889A HD audio
   8. Integrated HDMI/ DVI interface with HDCP
   9. All Japanese manufactured solid capacitors

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