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The GA-EP43-UD3L is a desktop computer motherboard from the Gigabyte company.

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layout is ideal, makes everything easy to assemble on the fly without having to plan ahead too much

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easy installation with no serious complications along the way

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compatible with a wide range of hardware, conflicts are very rare

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extremely reliable, boots up dependably every time for years

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accepts older memory, can even work with different speeds

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poor support for overclocking, tends to hang up a lot during the process

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space around the CPU fan is a bit tight, getting larger aftermarket fans can be a tight squeeze

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hardware wizard looks for lower-case "hdaudbus.sys" on a Windows XP setup, need to rename the file "Hdaudbus.sys" to lower case to get it to complete

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The GA-EP43-UD3L is a desktop computer motherboard from the Gigabyte company. Utilizing the "Ultra Durable Classic 3" construction design with copper cooling technology, this model features an Intel P43 with integrated Core 2 Duo and Quad support for powerful multi-core central processing. WHQL certification enables optimized Windows 7 operating functionality, with dual-channel DDR2 memory speeds up to 16 gigabytes accessible. Gigabyte's "EasyTune" management software has been revamped for its 6th edition, featuring quick and simple adjustment of system settings for maximum performance levels via one-click overclocking. Environmentally-conscious energy consumption levels are achieved through "Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced" technology, with 4-gear phase switching for tiered powering when more or less CPU expenditure is required. The GA-EP43-UD3L also features a PCI-E 2.0 graphics interface for bandwidth speeds of up to 5 gigabytes-per-second, with 16 gigabytes-per-second data transfer available through the x16 PCI Express slot. An on/off charging function enables external device charging whether the unit is powered on or in standby mode, providing consistent USB power for Mp3 players, cellular phones and other bus-powered devices. In addition, DualBIOS hardware protection is included for quick recovery of files lost or damaged due to viruses or system failure. 

  • Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad processor support
  • On/Off charge support
  • Windows 7 OS support
  • Ultra Durable 3 Classic design
  • Dual-channel DDR2 memory compatibility
  • PCI-E 2.0 graphics interface
  • Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced technology
  • One-click overclocking
  • EasyTune 6 monitoring
  • DualBIOS physical protection technology
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