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The Les Paul Custom is high-end electric guitar from Gibson.

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each unit is built slightly differently, always a unique guitar

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notes "wobble" and "swell" without even using an amp

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ebony fretboard provides comfortable and forgiving action

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action varies depending on the build, can generally find one that fits the individual's playing style

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high quality wood body makes the strings resonate nicely

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limited number of colors and designs to choose from

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very heavy guitar, will strain your back if not careful

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The Les Paul Custom is high-end electric guitar from Gibson. This product is based on the original 1954 Custom, but has several modern upgrades. The body is constructed of a hard carved maple top, which is fitted to a solid mahogany body. This modernized version of the Custom has a reduced overall weight, thanks to holes routed throughout the guitar. This design choice also enhances acoustic and resonance qualities. The ebony fingerboard fits 22 frets, which are outfitted with pearl block inlays. The pickups are Gibson’s own 409Rs, which offer similar tonal characteristics to the PAFs from the original Les Paul Custom. Also built-in is a Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece, metal tulip tuners and gold hardware to compliment the instrument. The Les Paul Custom is available in Antique White, Ebony, Heritage Cherry Sun Burst, Wine Red and Silver Burst.

  • Hand-carved maple top
  • Solid mahogany body
  • Ebony fingerboard with 22 frets and pearl block inlays
  • Split diamond patterned pearl inlay
  • Gibson 409R pickups
  • Alnico V magnet
  • Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge
  • Stopbar tailpiece, metal tulip tuners
  • Gold hardware
  • 5 color choices
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Stephen James
12/16/2011 09:55

i own one very similar to this, bought it in '79 brand new for $657.25, now i can get several thousand for it but it's not for sale. mine is wine red, with all the gold hardware it's very impressive looking, but like all the con sides of the argument it is very heavy, 16 pounds to be exact, besides that, what a piece of music this plays, some nights i can bring a tear to my own eyes with the sound coming from it! beautiful guitar! i am very proud to own a made in america gibson les paul custom

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