The BluesHawk brought a new look and an arsenal of new sounds to the blues in 1996, with a classy F-hole body.

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The BluesHawk brought a new look and an arsenal of new sounds to the blues in 1996, with a classy F-hole body and a pair of unique Blues 90 single-coil pickups.
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Special K
02/01/2007 02:38

I've never heard of this guitar, but it looks like a nice combination of Gibson's most famous guitars...the Les Paul and the ES-335 hollow body series.... at a nicely affordable price, while giving you some of the "chunk" of a Les Paul, and the "BB King" of the 335. I don't think it has the same electric components as "Lucille" (i think this has Blues 90 w/ hum cancelling dummy coil, whereas "Lucille" has 490R and 490T pickups), however there is a Blues Hawk "Little Lucille". Unique to the original "Lucille", the "Little Lucille" also only has the lower of the 2 f-holes, to produce the amount of controlled feedback originally requested by BB King.  But as far as I can tell, the only other differences between the "Little Lucille" and a standard Blues Hawk is cream on neck and body, position marker for varitone control (??), tuno-matic tailpiece, Grover tuners, ebony finish and a supplied hard case.

02/01/2007 01:12

Bought the blue colored model (shown in the thumbnail pic in this article) from eBay after trying my friend's Blueshawk. Coming from an acoustic guitar background, I had trouble getting comfortable playing the various electric guitars -- Strats, Les Paul's, etc. The Blueshawk just felt 'right' when I played it and after my local luthier set it up to suit me, it's been really fun to play. The neck seems to wider than most electric guitars and it's got a good balance . . .not too heavy when standing up on stage all night during a gig. I've been told it has the same electric components [pickups, etc] as BB King's Lucille, but I don't know this for sure. The 6-position tone switch combined with the two position pull-out tone knob provide a grunch of sounds; from tinny 60's sounds to bassy smooth jazz. This guitar never caught on big for Gibson, but I love it.

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