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The Gibson J-45 True Vintage is a mid grade round-shoulder dreadnought acoustic guitar.

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has a distinctive tone that balances brassy and sweet sounds to something in the middle

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has a beautiful dark finish that is instantly impressive

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responsive to the subtleties of your performance, lets you "speak through it"

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versatile sound can do bluegrass, country, folk, rock, pop and a number of other styles

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projects sound very well, can even be heard in smaller venues without an amp

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durably constructed to handle being carried from home to gigs on a regular basis

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needs no adjustments upon receipt, perfect attention to detail in the construction

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The Gibson J-45 True Vintage is a mid grade round-shoulder dreadnought acoustic guitar. Gibson first introduced the J-45 in 1942. The J-45 True Vintage is hand made in Bozeman, Montana using the same materials, design, and tone of the original model produced in 1942. The True Vintage has nickel Goton white button tuners with a gear ratio of 15:1 while all moving parts are cut for exact meshing. 

The rosewood fingerboard of the True Vintage features traditional binding over fret ends and genuine mother of pearl classic dot inlays. The guitar sports the tapered dovetail neck joint design which is one of the oldest methods of joining the neck to the body of the guitar. The process done entirely by hand allows the body and neck to become one solid piece of resonating wood without metal to interfere with vibration. The round-shoulder dreadnought body design of the True Vintage has a top constructed of Adirondack red spruce while the back and sides are of pattern-grade Handuras mahogany. The hand crafted rosette is a single-ring with three-ply binding. The bracing of the True Vintage features a variation on the Gibson standard X pattern behind the sound hole. Each brace is hand scalloped with a set of tall thin braces for the back and another set of scalloped braces for the top.

  • Nickel Goton white button tuners
  • Gibson logo
  • Tapered dovetail neck joint
  • Radius top
  • Nitrocellulose finish
  • Body binding
  • Round shoulder dread nought
  • Rosewood fingerboard with traditional binding
  • Classic dot mother of pearl inlays
  • Single-ring rosette
  • neck and profile


Post Review
08/30/2011 10:31

hi yes i agree with you all about the gibson j45 guitar .i just bought one .but i failed to notice that there is no frount guitar strap button on the heal of the neck .to me the guitar is unfinnished with out it.we pay good money and something as simple as a single guitar strap button missing is very dissapointing sorry

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