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The Gibson J-200 Standard is another member of the J-200 series of guitars.

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stays in tune for a long time, only have to tune it once for the whole evening

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designed to be easy to use, comfortable for any skill level

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nice detail on the bridge and body, great attention to detail

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sound is very resonant, really fills the room

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consistent performance from one gig to another, always know what to expect

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has a good feel around the fret board

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body is a bit large and cumbersome for smaller players

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The Gibson J-200 Standard is another member of the J-200 series of guitars, a series that is built on almost a century of experience in building guitars. The rotomantic tuner has a gear ratio of 14:1 and provides precision tuning as well as a durable housing to protect the string post and the gear. The crown peghead logo is a relic from the 1940s and identifies the J-200 Standard as a distinct member of the Gibson line. The fingerboard is made out of high grade rosewood which is resilient for a stable, balanced tone with clear notes and chords. The Gibson J-200 Standard is built with AAA-grade Sitka spruce for the top of the guitar, and AAA-grade Eastern curly maple for the back and sides. Built into the guitar is the fishman ellipse aura electronics package which keeps the sound to a natural and acoustic quality while staying easy for the artist to work with. 

  • Graduated Mother of Pearl Crown Inlays
  • Rotomantic tuner
  • Peghead Logo
  • Tapered Dovetail Neck Joint
  • Nitrocellulose Finish
  • Body Binding
  • AAA-grade Sitka spruce
  • AAA-grade Eastern curly maple
  • Fishman Ellipse Aura Electronics Package
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07/13/2012 10:22

Why is the picture of a Gibson J-200 True Vintage and not a Standard?

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