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The Gibson Firebird Custom is a mid-grade guitar that features an exclusive hand crafted flame inlay of abolone.

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artistic detailing along the neck and at the pickguard

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stays in tune for a long time, only need to adjust it a bit every once in awhile

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plays consistently over the years, always the same tone

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offers great projection, can fill small and medium sized rooms without an amp

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neck is easy to work with for newer players

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tone is strong and rich, every note sounds incredible

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has a good feel while playing, nice tactile feedback

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The Gibson Firebird Custom is a mid-grade guitar that features an exclusive hand crafted flame inlay of abolone and genuine mother of pearl. The Firebird custom has gold Grover rotomatic tuners with a gear ratio of 14:1 and all moving parts that are hand cut to provide exact meshing between seams. The fingerboard has rolled edges and is made from a high grade ebony.

Additional features of the Firebird Custom include a tapered dovetail neck joint and hand-scalloped radiused top bracing inside the body. The double-ring design of the rosette has a seven-ply binding on the main ring and a three-ply binding on the second ring. The body of the Firebird Custom is similar to the dreadnought design, but has wider square shoulder accents on the upper bouts. The top of the guitar body is made from AAA-grade Sitka spruce while the back and sides are constructed of AAA-grade quilted western maple.

  • Gibson logo
  • Gold Grove rotomatic tuners
  • Custom designed hand crafted  flame inlays of abolone and mother of pearl
  • Ebony fingerboard with rolled edges and flame inlays
  • Tapered dovetail neck joint
  • Bracing
  • Body tonewoods
  • Pickgaurd
  • Rosette
  • Radius top
  • Nitrocellulose finish
  • Body binding
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