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The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Dome Grill is a mid-cost offering.

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can easily remove the flat grill to use indoors, nice and versatile

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assembly is very simple, don't even need the instructions

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generates a lot of heat quickly, just a few minutes and you're ready to cook

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small and portable footprint, easy to move around and store

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easy to clean, big flat surface without lots of grooves to work around

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grease doesn't readily drip into the pan

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lifting by the pole instead of the handles is awkward and necessary if you want to move the whole thing

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feels a bit heavy, not convenient if you have a bad back

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The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Dome Grill is a mid-cost offering. George Foreman promotes this grill as being ideal for patio grilling in areas where propane or charcoal is not allowed. The 200 square inch cooking surface of the Indoor/Outdoor Electric Dome Grill can fit a wide variety of foods. This grill comes with one immersible removable grill plate, which makes for easy clean-up. The Indoor/Outdoor Electric Dome Grill's double non-stick coating helps to make this grill durable, and also eliminates the need for oil in cooking. This grill is equipped with temperature control, which allows you to have a few different temperatures going on the grill at once. The Indoor/Outdoor Electric Dome Grill is equipped with a center channel drain that catches run-off such as grease. The high-domed lid allows you to convection grill. The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Dome Grill comes with a stand.

  • 200 square inch round grilling surface
  • 1 Immersible removable grill plate
  • Double non-stick coating
  • Electric Indoor/Outdoor single side grilling
  • Temperature control
  • Center channel drain
  • Use stand or grill on tabletop
  • Safe-touch handles
  • High-domed lid
  • Model number: GGR200RDDS
Post Review
Ernestine Hicks
03/09/2012 07:08

I need handle for lid vent , Ilove my indoor outdoor grill but it broke somehow???where can i order one?ive had it for ten years its like new!!

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