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The George Foreman Electric Skillet is a low-cost offering.

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relatively light weight, easy to put away when done

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glass lid lets you keep an eye on everything without letting the heat out

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looks very nice on the countertop, stylish and simple looking design

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temperature control is accurate, can dependably follow recipe instructions

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nice and deep, allows you to heat/cook foods containing liquid with no worries and can mix things around as needed without making a mess

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easy to clean up, the non-stick cooking surface works well

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all high-quality materials used in the construction, very durable

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need to watch that you don't accidentally immerse the probe in water

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The George Foreman Electric Skillet is a low-cost offering. The adjustable tilt leg of this skillet allows you to let fat and grease drain away from food, for a healthier meal. The high walls make it so a minimum of grease flies out onto the counter. The Electric Skillet's George Tough nonstick coating allows you to cook without oil. The variable temperature control dial lets you adjust the temperature as you go, for precise cooking over a variety of foods. The Electric Skillet's cool-touch serving handles allow you to carry it without getting burned. The tempered glass lid with steam vent lets you monitor cooking progress and control moisture release without losing heat. The George Foreman Electric Skillet has a quick release probe, which helps to make clean-up quick.   

  • Model number: SKG01GFB
  • George Tough nonstick coating
  • Adjustable tilt leg
  • Variable temperature control dial
  • Cool-touch serving handles
  • High walls
  • Tempered glass lid w/ steam vent
  • Quick release probe
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