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The Harmony PTWN8050MWW is a top-loader washing machine from GE.

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Large 5.1 cu ft capacity can easily handle large items such as comforters.

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LED display makes toggling options and cycles easy, provides at-a-glance wash info.

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Quiet-close lid doesn't slam shut, eliminates the risk of shattering the glass.

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Sleek, minimal visual aesthetic--rounded corners, glass lid.

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Flow-thru dispenser releases pre-wash, main wash detergent, bleach, fabric softener at the right time.

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Not as water efficient as some competitors.

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Poor warranty coverage compared to similar competitors--1 year while many offer 5 to 10 years.

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The Harmony PTWN8050MWW is a top-loader washing machine from GE. It comes with a large 5.1 IEC cu.ft capacity; an extra wide, quiet close glass lid for easy loading and many wash cycles and options to cope with your everyday laundry needs.

This washing machine comes with an LED display with a rotary electric dial for easy cycle selection. Included in the wash cycles are colours (normal), whites, handwash and delicates as well as some speciality cycles for towels, sheets and jeans. There are 3 detergent dispensers; all with the Flow-Thru timed release system to provide optimal cleaning.  The Harmony PTWN8050MWW incorporates a tidal wave washing system to provide a gentle yet efficient clean. The machine also uses a hydroheater with sanitizer option to boost the water temperature for deep down cleaning.  With a max spin of 1010 RPM, AutoBalance Suspension System, Energy Star certificate and a child lock, this machine is energy efficient whilst still including all the essentials needed in a top-loading washing machine.

  • Total Capacity (cubic feet) 5.1 cu ft
  • Optional Soil Levels
  • quiet close glass lid
  • LED display
  • 3 Flow-Thru detergent dispensers
  • Dimensions: 27 in x 45 in x 29 in
  • Multiple wash cycles including: colour/normal, whites, handwash, speedwash, sanitize and delicates
  • Hydroheater technology
  • Max spin 1010RPM
  • Automatic water levels
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Child lock
  • AutoBalance Suspension System
  • 5 wash/rinse temperatures
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