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It is a budget-friendly 27-inch tall top-loading washer released as a successor to the GTWP1000MWW.

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don't have to worry about pre-programming, can start it filling with water and then make last-second adjustments to the knobs

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runs quiet throughout the cycle, don't really hear it in the next room

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ExtrAction Basket makes it much easier to pull out those last few items at the bottom of the load

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knobs are all obvious and simple to operate, very easy to work with

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offers a good range of functionality, can get it to do exactly what you want most of the time

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can handle heavy loads daily without breaking down

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rinse cycle isn't very thorough, can leave soap in the clothes

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Pressure switch fails or tubing to PS plugs and overflows every 6 months, even with clean, soft water. ***Caution** Don't run unattended! Will flood your house ! ****

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The GE General Electric GTWP2000MWW is a budget-friendly 27-inch tall top-loading washer released as a successor to the GTWP1000MWW. It upgrades from an integrated stainless steel basket to an ExtrAction Basket that can be removed, used to store laundry, and subsequently reinserted into the washer to do laundry. Plus it upgrades from just 12 wash cycles to 14 wash cycles, though is unfortunately still limited to just 2 wash/rinse combinations. Like its predecessor, the GTWP2000MWW washer can handle only 3.4 cu ft of clothes. Plus it’s entirely manual, in that there is no integrated chip for auto water/temp levels. Everything must be manually managed via rotary controls.

  • Top-Loading Washer
  • 27” Width
  • 3.4 Cu Ft Capacity
  • ExtAction Basket
  • GentlePower Agitator
  • Rotary Electromechanical Controls
  • Bleach/Softener Dispensers
  • AutoBalance Suspension
  • Front Serviceable
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  • Steel Drive Transmission
  • 630rpm Spin Speed
  • 2 Wash/Spin Combos
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